Friday, March 9, 2012

The Creed of a Chivalrous Maiden.

Just had to share this. We often think of chivalrous young men, but have you ever considered that we can be chivalrous, too? So inspiring!

The Creed Of A Chivalrous Maiden

The Creed Of A Chivalrous Maiden

The foundation of a chivalrous maiden is angelic elegance.
When a chivalrous maiden has the appearance of an angel you see radiance shinning from her face. When you look into her eyes, you see a whole other world. You see Heaven. Her angelic radiance even makes atheists believe in the existence of the after life.
A chivalrous maiden always has her eyes cast down. She knows her true worth. She knows she is inferior to men, but she also knows that man has a responsibility to protect her from evils. She seeks his permanent love, trust, and protection.
A chivalrous maiden is a consuming fire. Her soft, elegant, graceful, and fiery footsteps captivates everyone. All eyes are focused on her. But she takes no notice, nor has any desire to be the center of attention. She attracts him with humility. She wishes to be wholly empty so he can only fill her up with his love.
A chivalrous maiden watches all of her passions. She keeps them all in check. She does not want anything unbecoming of a lady. She wants to be perfect for him. She keeps herself untarnished, untouched, completely and wholly innocent.
A chivalrous maiden wears modest clothing. She preserves the dignity of herself as well as her family. One virgin, by her upstanding life, rebukes many with her mere presence. She is hated and persecuted. But in return, acknowledges her unworthiness and loves those who persecute her. Instead she goes farther. She forgives her persecutors.
A chivalrous maiden is always faithful. She is faithful unto death. For once she gives up her entire heart, she has no more love to give to anyone else. Who dare attempts to get in between her and the one she loves?
A chivalrous maiden falls in love with not the exterior of the man, but with his soul. Her soul slowly begins to bind with his soul. That is what she loves. This is what she must possess. She wants him completely. When she has fallen in love with him it is his presence, not his beauty, that captivates her.
A chivalrous maiden speaks little, but keeps silent. Her breath is taken away when she is in love. She simply delights to be in his presence. She can spend hours in silence, gazing with her whole heart at his soul. This is how she chastely binds himself to her. She does not need words to show love. Love speaks in silence. Love uses the heart, and a chivalrous woman knows that.
A chivalrous maiden is an overflowing fountain of unconditional love. She can never run out of her unconditional love. No matter the cost, no matter the pain, no matter the consequences. She is fearless of anything and everything for love only rules her.

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Princess of the King said...

Wow, so moving- I had to print it off! Thank you for sharing this Elizabeth.

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