Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday of Young Ladies Craft Week - Project #1

Ready for something really sweet? Ok, I know that pincushions are cute, but this one you will love! 
Presenting the solution for combining our two favorite things; tea and sewing......

Young Ladies Crafting Week 
Project #1:
The Teacup Pincushion

This project is very simple, and is a very handy little thing, not to mention pretty! The saucer is also perfect for holding those runaway safety pins, buttons, etc., and it keeps the whole thing stable. No more running after pin cushions which keep rolling off the table!

What you will need:

~ Some sort of stuffing; this can be Fiberfill, cotton, etc. I used some of my sheep's wool
~ Tea cup and saucer, demi size. You can find these at antique shops, estate sales, etc.
~ Fabric scrap 5" x 5". In the photo you can see I actually used a crocheted piece, but any material would work, as long as the pins slide in easily.
~ Hot glue gun and glue sticks

What to do:

Cut your piece of material into a 5" x 5" circle.
Now for the tricky part. Using your hot glue gun, begin gluing the edges of the circle around the inside of the cup. You may have to use a popcicle stick or something similar to get in there and press down the edges of the fabric as you're going along. When you have gone almost all the way around, leave about 3 inches unglued, leaving a space big enough to stuff your stuffing into the cup. Fill it until the material is fairly firm and doesn't have weak spots. Glue down the opening in the same manner as before. Please not that this last part may be a bit difficult since you can't get your popcicle stick in there. I used an old pin, stuck it through the material, and used it to press the fabric against the cup on that last stretch of glue.
Now, put a ring of glue along the bottom of the cup, and place the cup in the middle of the saucer, holding it down until the glue is dry.
You're finished!!!

Enjoy your new creation....


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