Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recommended Titles...

Thought I would share my booklist of top favorites:

The Virginian ~ by Owen Wister
This book is one of my top three favorite books ever! I know it may sound like a boys western novel, but it is just as much a book for girls as it is for boys. Miss Molly Wood is one of the best young women of the west I have read about yet...

Pride and Prejudice ~ by Jane Austen
Everyone knows about this book, but I had to mention it. Such a sweet story, and Elizabeth Bennet reminds me of myself at times.

An Old Fashioned Girl ~ by Louisa May Alcott
Such a sweet story about a country girl making her way in the city with her cousins. Could read it over and over and over....:)

Little Women ~ by Louisa May Alcott
All of you are familiar with this one, but that doesn't mean it is not a favorite of mine too!

Raising Maidens of Virtue ~ by Stacey McDonald
This book is available through Vision Forum. Though not a work of fiction, it is just as interesting and so inspiring to read. The wisdom brought forth is so consoling. A favorite quote: "Godly young men who are ready for marriage are desperately searching for true maidens of virtue. Therefore, if young women would put away their immodest ways and seek virtuous, feminine loveliness, I believe they would be surprised by the respectful treatment they would naturally receive. True men of honor are absolutely enchanted by true, godly, feminine beauty – not the type that comes from a tube of lipstick, but the kind that comes from a meek and quiet spirit. Once a godly knight finds a true maiden of virtue, he may also find himself with the urge to slay a dragon or two on her behalf!"
From “Raising Maidens of Virtue” by Stacy McDonald


Princess of the King said...

I loved "An Old Fashioned Girl!" I had to find the movie. I believe it was filmed in the 1930's, it was really good. I wish we could all be like Polly! :)

Miss Elizabeth said...

Yes, that is certainly a favorite of mine. I didn't even know there was a movie.... I will have to look that up. :) She is one of my role models! :D

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