Thursday, March 8, 2012

Romantic Era Dress

This dress I made a little while ago from Sense and Sensibility's Romantic Era Dress Pattern with some adjustments...
I used that lovely lapel collar and added some thick crochet trim to the edge to make it stand out a bit.
I also shortened the skirt. I love long skirts, but for practicality and the mere sake of not looking like I was in a costume, I made it more tea-length. (If only the women of our world still wore floor length dresses... sigh... )
The sleeves I used from a totally different pattern. The Romantic Era dress had huge poofy sleeves which I changed to that lovely elbow/3/4 length almost bell sleeve.
And here I am in front of our sweet WWII era home in the country..... :)
 This is another screencap from our movie that shows a shot of my all time favorite shoes that go really well with this dress!! (Notice a major blooper: Scout has his electric collar on in the shot!!! *shock*)
They are caramel toned dance shoes from All About Dance. They may be dance shoes but they are almost exactly like the ones from the early 1910s that ladies would wear.

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