Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Life in the Rabbitry!

Today, I am pleased to announce the entering of ten new bunnies into the world! 
In the quiet of this morning, Holy Saturday, my French Angora doe, Lydia, gave birth to her litter.
Here you can see her perched on top of the nest box. :)

The babies are under all that downy fur. You can only see a few of them where I moved the fluff aside.

Not very cute now, I know, but can you see the splotches on their skin? That shows their coloring. The one in the foreground is going to probably be a broken chocolate, or broken sable....

"Oh, nobody knows what's in that nest. I don't... you don't....." :) Rabbits stay away from their young during the day so as not to lead predators to their nest. Baby rabbits can go for up to 2 days without nursing when their mama is staying away.

The proud papa. :) (only he doesn't know it yet)

As the kits grow, I will continue to post updates about them! Have a blessed Holy Saturday!


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