Monday, May 28, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Following suit with other girls' "Awkward and Awesome" posts... here are a few awkward and awesome moments of my own. :)

(Warning: Yes, these have all really happened to me :)

~ Awkward ~

  • When you need to ask a guy a question, and he can't even look you in the eye when you're talking to him because you can tell he likes you and it's making him so darn shy. You find yourself talking to his shoes.
  • When you're taking your dog for a walk and you just got a new book that is so interesting, you decide to take it on the walk. Soon you find yourself standing in the middle of the road, your nose in the book, and a huge pickup is stopped just a few yards in front of you, with a young guy sitting in the drivers seat, his arms resting on the wheel, giving you an amused expression. You quickly move out of the way, mumbling an excuse even though he can't hear you.
  • When you are talking to your friend about how awful mini skirts look on people and some lady walks by you in the church doughnut line who is wearing the mini-est mini skirt you've ever seen. Both of your mouths snap shut like traps.
  • When your younger brother's friend comes over and gives you a hug and says you're his favorite girl
  • When you are riding your bike down the road, and your skirt fills with air as you come down a hill, and a car happens to be rounding the bend, and..... I'll stop there. :)
~ Awesome ~
  • When you are eating your ice cream with a baby rabbit hopping around on the kitchen table and your mom doesn't even care. 
  • You are riding a horse, and you come to a jump, you lean forward, grip the reins, you can feel his mane whipping your face, and for a moment you're really flying as he clears that big cross rail..... awesome. :)
  • When you take a bike ride down the country roads, and you come to a rise, pump hard, get to the top, and then sail down, past the cornfields, the old red barns, white farmhouses, the wind filling your hair, and the birds swooping by far overhead,..... glorious. 
  • When your dog comes to you with a snake in his mouth.
  • When you are holding a baby rabbit and all of a sudden, it's eyes open as it's nestled in your hand. The first thing it sees of this wonderful world is you. :)


    Rosamund Gregory said...

    Oh yes...the first is awkward indeed...

    Rose M. said...

    Hahaha, oh, I love this post! :)

    Rose M. said...

    I awarded you over at my blog:

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