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Monday: Outdoors - Medicinal Herbs

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 ~ Medicinal Herbs and Their Uses ~


Herbs are used for many things. Tea, fragrance, cooking, potpourri, etc. There are so very many herbs out there that are useful for using for medicine. Ranging from curing a stomach ache, to easing a migraine, to putting children to sleep, herbs have been used throughout the centuries as remedies to common, and sometimes not so common, ailments long before medicines came around.

 Here are some shots from my homemaking journal of a list I made of some common medicinal herbs and their uses (with a few culinary ones thrown in there too). You can do something similar to this in your own homemaking journal. It will prove very useful once you have an herb garden and a family of your own. :)

Anyways, on to some common herbs and their medicinal uses...

Angelica is used for a blood cleansing, diuretic tea. All parts can be used for a calming bath addition, or you may use the roots for the tea.

 Bergamot flowers and leaves are used as a relaxing tea which induces sleep.

wild chamomile herb picture
Chamomile tea is used to cleanse intestines and ease stomach pains. 

Dandelion leaves are extremely nutritional. They taste wonderful in salads

The leaves from the Lady's Mantle make an excellent tea for drinking during pregnancy, and after birth. Extremely beneficial when drunk daily during these periods.

Lemon Balm leaves in tea will ease headaches and migraines

The budding shoots of the Mugwort can be used in salads for chronic diarrhoea

Nasturtium leaves are rich in vitamin C and work as an antibiotic for infections

Rosemary has various uses. It can be used in a hair rinse, or in tea for digestion and neuralgic pains

Sage can be taken in a tea to aid digestion, as a disinfectant, lung expectorant, for sore throats, and also to relieve head colds

And last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite herbs....

Verbascum densiflorum
Verbascum!! Also called "Mullein". This herb is a vocalists' friend...  it is an expectorant, meaning it helps clear your lungs of mucus (helps when you're singing). Traditionally, it has been used to treat respiratory illnesses and coughs with lung congestion. There technically aren't any scientific studies to say whether it works, but that's because they're just trying to sell you the drugs. :) In my opinion, I'd rather try the herbal remedies first since they are so much better for you.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation on medicinal herbs! 


Please note that I am not a scientist or a doctor or anything, and I am in no way guaranteeing that these herbal remedies will cure ailments. I am simply sharing what I have learned and experienced for your benefit. You should probably consult your doctor before you begin seriously taking herbal remedies.

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Rose M. said...

This is one of the best posts ever!! I should memorize a few select ones, just in case. :)

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