Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sneak Peek for "The Week"

 Below you will see the rough draft schedule for Country Handmaiden Week. Please note that some points may vary, since the polls are going to be open until the week beforehand, and more votes may sway the choices to something else. But without further ado.....

Opening day. We will probably have something fun, not sure what yet.

The Great Outdoors ~ A presentation on: Medicinal Herbs

Oh What To Do With Your Hair? ~ A demonstration for a Twisted Crown Updo

Working in the Kitchen ~ Lemon Lemon Bread (a favorite in our family!)

Words of Wisdom (sort of :) ~ an essay on Traditional Courtship. That and Homemaker in the Making both tied, so I have chosen accordingly. That specific poll is now closed, the other ones will remain open for a couple more weeks. I just needed to make a decision now so I have time to write the essay. :)

A special guest post by a fellow homemaker, Stephanie from Hopeful Homemaker She is going to write about a homemaking skill, but I will let it be a surprise. ;) (yes, Stephanie, that wink was aimed at you :)

Our final day will be partly an appreciation day for Celtic Music, and a sum up of the week. Celtic being my favorite style of music, there will be some music samples to listen to, photos, sheet music, and all sorts of goodies on this amazing and inspiring style of music. We will also announce the winners of our "Keep Calm" tournament. Remember to post your Keep Calm creations on your blog and comment here to let me know you have them posted so I can add them to the entries.
Here are the rules for the Keep Calm contest:
~ Each entry must be literature-related (from a classic book, like Austen, Bronte, Alcott, etc...)
~ You must post your entries on your blog and comment on my blog letting me know you did by May 18.
There will probably be other things on Saturday as well, I'm just still thinking about it. :)

Ok, and this is completely unrelated, but don't you love this? I always loved that part when Amy said that to Meg, and this picture captures that quote so nicely. :) And yes, you can see I have put it in my sidebar to the right. :)

Have a wonderful day!


Rose M. said...

Country Handmaiden Week sounds positively lovely!

~Rose M.

Lauren said...

It sounds just delightful, Elizabeth! I'm looking forward to it:)

Princess of the King said...

I cannot wait! You have everything so perfectly planned. It feels like summer camp! :)

Stephanie said...

The week looks wonderful...I can't wait to reveal the suprise (don't worry, you won't hear a peep out of me:)!

I love the quote you have at the end of the post...it is lovely!



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