Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday: Homemaking - Notable Homemakers and Homemaking Sites

Instead of writing an essay, I decided to take a different turn with this one.
Here I have featured some notable homemakers of past times. :) These women may not have been rich and famous, but they showed true virtue with raising their families and keeping a happy home. Also, I have included links to wonderful homemaking websites and blogs for you to browse!
I am still in the process of writing my essay on Traditional Courtship, but have decided to add some things to it and post it a little later, possibly next week. So, here you go for now...

 First and foremost, Our Blessed Mother is the true model for all homemakers. 
Her sacred role of raising the Child Jesus was carried out with humility and great love.
Holy Mary, pray for us!

St. Zita is the patron saint of domestic servants.
She is most notable for her willingness to serve others faithfully. 
This is truly one of our calls as homemakers, is it not? :)
St. Martha is also known as a patron saint of homemakers. 
"But one thing is necessary..."  :)

And lastly, I just couldn't leave out my own patron saint, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. 
(We have the same first and middle name; I have been practicing my signature to look like hers :) 
I believe St. Elizabeth was a wonderful homemaker. She cared for her children while her
husband was still alive, and when he died she carried on bravely. She lost some of her own children.
When he was gone, she began teaching children and eventually founded an order and really watched over them with that motherly grace that always shown about her.
I always look to her as my best friend and teacher especially now in these formative years.

St Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us!

And now, for the homemaking sites:

Have a lovely day and enjoy the rest of Country Handmaiden Week!!


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