Sunday, June 10, 2012

Emma Keep Calm Contest!

There is going to be an Emma themed Keep Calm contest over at Elinor, Elizabeth, and Emma!
Of course I'm entering, you silly! But, I have quite a few ideas and need to narrow them down to the best. So, I have written up my ideas here, and I would encourage you to vote on your top favorite three over in the poll in the sidebar. The winners will be submitted to the contest! Only please hurry, I must have mine in by June 15th! :)

That man is 
so full of himself I am
surprised he can stay on
that horse

That was badly done,

Mrs. Elton
expects to lead the dance!"

I am an old, married man
My dancing days 

You would have chosen
better for him
than he would have
for himself

Who will I dance with?
Why, you,
if you will ask me

Enjoy voting! Oh, and be on the lookout for a "Faces of Mr. Elton" post coming soon. I think Mr. Elton has countless hilarious expressions throughout the BBC Emma 2009, don't you?

As always,


Abilaine said...

All of them are very sweet!!
I think your post about Mr. Elton will be wonderful. I have taken some quite fun screen shot pics of him and his silly faces. (:

Cranberry Morning said...

I am not a crier, like hardly ever cry during a movie, but when I watched Emma with Gwynneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam, I cried like a baby when he scolded her for the way she treated Miss Bates. That was SO WELL DONE that I could feel how she felt when he scolded her. I felt repentant, even though all I was doing was watching a movie. LOL. And by the way, I voted for #2 because of that. Loved Gwynneth Paltrow as Emma way more than any of the other Emmas out there.

Marissa said...

Oh I love them all :)

Miss Woodhouse said...

Be sure to send in your delightful entries soon! :)

Miss Elizabeth said...

Abilaine, thank you! I can't wait to do the Mr. ELton post :)

Cranberry morning, I know exactly what you mean! That scene is so moving. I can so feel for Emma at that part, poor girl! Although she really was snotty to say that about Miss Bates. In the 2009 Emma, Miss Bates is more likeable I think, so I felt more for her in that version.

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