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Gotta share this!! Modesty website...

I recently found this unique website that I had to share! It is called "Modesty Survey" and it is really a useful and interesting place to visit. We girls who are trying to dress modestly already already know that some kinds of clothing, etc, can be immodest and terribly distracting to other men and boys, but have you ever considered other aspects of dressing and acting modestly? For example, wearing nylons or not with skirts, the way you sit, or even putting on lip gloss in front of guys? These things may seem like they wouldn't matter, but according to the men who have taken these surveys, they actually do! Click on the banner below and start reading!

 Here is the sum-up of what these two Christian young men put together and what the main point of their website is:

 The Modesty Survey was not intended to serve as a scientific measurement of what the average man thinks about modesty. In the strictest sense, it isn't a survey, but a discussion between Christian guys and girls who care about modesty. Over 200 Christian girls submitted their questions. In less than twenty days, over 1,600 Christian guys (12 and up) responded. Close to 200,000 separate pieces of data were collected, including 25,000 text responses.

The survey was presented in a traditional five-point Agree/Disagree format. Each participant was presented with 148 positive/negative statements and was given the options to Agree, Strongly Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, or remain Neutral. Each statement was accompanied by an optional text box for additional explanation.

Some of the responses to some of the questions are pretty amazing, and pretty hilarous, too. 
For example:

Is heavy make-up a stumbling block?

  Its like a mask, covering true beauty. It also looks gross close up and I'm afraid to touch it and mess it up, getting her upset and getting it on me.
It could be for some, but personally, I find it to be rather revolting.
Depends on the girl herself, but most guys don't like makeup on girls. Pretty much anything we can tell you are wearing is too much.

Not a stumbling block, but REALLY UGLY!!
Is it distracting when a girl plays with her hair in front of you?

While it may not be really immodest, I don't think girls should constantly be playing with their hair. I mean, do your hair in a washroom or at home, but don't play with it all the time.

Are high-heeled black boots a stumbling block?

I'm actually not sure why, but something just feels "wrong" when I see them, especially on Christian girls/women that I respect.

I actually think girls look much less attractive with those kind of boots on.
High-heeled anything is a stumbling block. It's almost impossible to walk in a modest way with high heels.

Can a modestly-dressed girl still be a stumbling block because of her attitude and behavior?
(This one got almost 100% strong agreement)

Simply put: modesty is more than just clothing.
Actions can speak very loud. A flirt is still just a flirt, it matters not what she wears or says.

 Standing on your head with a dress on isn't exactly modest.
Should girls always wear clothes that show little body definition?

No, you don't have to look like a potato sack. You shouldn't wear skin tight, form squeezing clothes that are two sizes too small, but it's not wrong to wear something that fits your form, complements your features (in a becoming way of course), and modestly flatters the body God gave to you.
 Showing "body definition" is not bad in and of itself. If one was to try not to show any at all she would have to wear a Santa Clause suit or dress like a Muslim complete with head scarf.
 In my opinion, modest dress is done right or wrong. A frumpy outfit like the above is modesty done wrong, and it seems to me that most girls I see alternate between the two extremes. (Immodesty and frumpy modesty.) Why can't they ever hit a balance?

 I think women should dress like women not like men. I think Nancy Leigh DeMoss put it this way, "Tight enough to show you're a women, but loose enough to show you're a lady." I agree!
 [DISCLAIMER -- If you are a person who regularly wears jumpers or loose dresses, the following remarks are in no way criticism toward you. If the motive for your dress has been to follow your conscience, honor your parents, or please your husband, you have done right.] Above disclaimer aside, I'm going to give my brutally honest opinion on this one: I (now single) will never, never allow my wife to wear a jean jumper. This does not mean that girls in jean jumpers are not attractive. Only that jean jumpers aren't. A women's clothing should complement her natural beauty, including her figure, and I think I can present solid Bible evidence for that conviction (Ge. 29:17; SS 8:8-10; Ez. 16:9-14). The purpose of modest clothing is not to mask her feminity (i.e. body definition), but to present it in all purity and holiness.

Sorry, as much as I hate it when people are showing too much, I hate it just as much when people look fat, lazy, unproffesional, and appear like a bag of potatoes. There is a line between immodesty and modesty. But I find it absurd to take modesty to the extreme in that women can't show their skin any sunlight. An example can be that of the Islamic culture of the Middle East. Instead of modesty being an avenue for people (women) to practice holiness and righteousness, it gets turned into a way of oppression. Specifically a way for men to oppress women. Women don't need to resort to wearing burlap sacks that have been starched to look like UPS boxes to maintain modesty. And women can make themselves look beautiful. In fact there are quite a few women in the Bible that I would bet dollars to donuts dressed quite fashionably and modestly. Esther comes to mind. God gave Esther natural beauty, the king thought she was the prettiest thing he had ever seen, and its not like she was flaunting it either. But at the end of the day, it was her golden character that saved her people. I think if we consider what the end goal is, and how each of us are involved in that goal, we will find that our priorities will not be so focused on "how pretty I am", or "how modest I am". Modesty is a natural by product of a proper relationship with God. Or at least it should be.

Hope  you enjoyed this, and make sure to visit the website for more!!!

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Cranberry Morning said...

Interesting post. I think more than anything, modesty has to do with a young woman trying to draw attention to herself. That can be done while she's totally covered in a snow suit or if she's wearing shorts and top.

And guys can be immodest too, it's not just women.
Did I tell you I love the music? :-)

Miss Elizabeth said...

I agree that modesty is not just in dress. Many "modestly dressed" young women that I know act very immodest, making it worse than a respectabe, dignified young lady who happens to be in pants and a top. And yes, guys can be immodest too, but the issue here is how important it is that girls watch how they dress and behave so as not to lead men's minds onto things they shouldn't be on.
I'm so glad you love the music!! :)

Rose M. said...

You've been tagged at my blog!

~Rose M.

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