Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Mr. Knightley Day!

Yes, m'dears, June 11th is Mr. Knightley Day! So does Miss Woodhouse of Elinor Elizabeth and Emma declare. :) Here are some pictures and praises about us girls' favorite gentleman. :) And yes, Christina, your birthday is on Mr. Knightley Day. (I'm talking to my best friend here, ladies :)

Mr. Knightley is truly a gentleman. He cares about Emma, but does not get possessive about her, which I like. He only wants the best for her. He often times gets quite harsh when correcting her silly behavior, and warns her of the damage that her matchmaking can and will eventually do. I love how she realizes in the end how much she loves him. Goodness, I would! Who couldn't?! Makes me wish there was a Mr. Knightley out there right now that I could marry, but I'm sure one will come along one day... :)

Goodness, I have collected these pictures from so many blogs I can't even remember where I got some of them! I know a few came from Elegance of Fashion, some are just screencaps I got, and one may be from Elinor, Elizabeth and Emma but I am not entirely sure. Please correct me or claim one if you recognize it! :P





Enjoy our hero's special day!

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