Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Kind Blogger Award

I have been meaning to create an award for a while but now I have at last gotten around to doing it! :)

Enter........ the Kind Blogger Award!!!!


This award is being given to special bloggers I felt have been exceptionally kind, friendly, and encouraging. Everyone I have met in the blogging sphere has been so nice, but I feel that the following individuals have been exceptionally so. Therefore, this award goes to:

Kiri Liz of Lianne Taimenlore
Abilaine of Miss Emma Woodhouse

Kiri Liz has been so animated, friendly, and encouraging whenever she comments on my blog.
Abilaine is such a sweet girl, we have much in common! She featured my blog in a "blog encouragement post" and posted my button!

Here are the rules of the award:

1. Choose two people you feel have been kind to you in the blogging sphere
2. List one aspect of each one's kindness to you

This is a simple, yet personal award. This is not meant to be given out to ten people at a time, but to a select few who have been kind to you.

Here is the code for the button:
<a href="http://thecountryhandmaiden.blogspot.com/"><img border="0" src=" http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LZxirn9DPg4/T9esMM74MGI/AAAAAAAAApo/EevALPKKmvk/s1600/the+kind+blogger+award+button.jpg"/></a>

Enjoy using it, and spread it around ladies! There are a lot of kind bloggers out there!



Abilaine said...

Thank you so muchy!!

Kiri Liz said...

Thank you, Miss Elizabeth!! :)

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