Sunday, July 29, 2012

I would like you all to meet someone very, very special...

Yes, he is very special. So close to my heart. And he has finally come after a long, long time.....

His name, dear girls, is Darcy.

Now, I know what you're all thinking. "Oh! She's met her Mr. Darcy! How exciting!" But no, you are quite mistaken. This is not the Mr. Darcy that I'll marry someday. No, it's not he. That one hasn't come along yet (but he will soon I hope!) This Darcy is different. Would you care to see his picture? Very well, here he is....

Meet Darcy!

I bought him last week and have been waiting in agony until he arrived Thursday morning at my doorstep. The very first picture I took with him was of my brother, but as my brother does not care to be on my blog, here are some pictures of my lil sis.

I also took some amazing photos of my soap, which turned out great....
Actually, any picture you take with Darcy turns out great. He's turning out to be one of my best friends. I take him everywhere...

 And of course, I couldn't resist taking a self portrait in the mirror and taking it to Pic Monkey and editing away! :)

More pictures coming soon! I am sure you will be hearing much about Darcy and I's adventures together very often on my blog. 

 Yours truly,
and Darcy :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I won second at Old Fashioned Charm's JA Quote contest!

I'm so excited to announce that I placed second at the Jane Austen quote photo contest at Old Fashioned Charm.

Here is my winning entry:


All Laurie fans swoon dramatically..... *giggle*

And here is the lovely button she awarded me for my sidebar!

Old-Fashioned Charm

Thanks Miss Laurie! Can't wait for your next contest!
Do go visit her blog and see the other winners, too! 

Here was my favorite from the funny category:
Aren't those Cranford ladies something else? But I do love them, gossip and all.... :)

Your ever faithful, Laurie-loving, Jane Austen quoting, friend,

Magazine cover models do not really exist!

I just had to share this post written by Leah Nicolette at The Sweetest Charm about Fake Beauty vs. Real Beauty.

Here is the video she had on her post (breathtaking!)

And here is the link to her wonderful post. I highly encourage you all to go read it.

Absolutely amazing!!!

Yours truly,

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