Monday, July 9, 2012

WCG Friendship Concert

Yesterday, the choir I am a part of collaborated once again with the Immaculate Conception Church Choir to perform in their World Choir Games Friendship Concert!!! It was so exciting, and such a big event....

Photo: Sound check! 
Sound check before the concert..... that place had great acoustics! 
By the way, I'm middle row, second from right; the crazy girl with her hair up like a regency movie. :P

Photo: Our beautiful venue! Thank you for hosting, Grace United Methodist Church! 
The church where the concert was held. It was huge and super formal

I know you are all thinking, what in the heck is the Immaculate Conception Church choir, and what are the choir games, and why are you singing with them? 
I will be doing a post about our connection with this amazing choir and the concerts we have done with them soon. :)



Jac said...

That was pretty awesome! I think you look nice and poised in the picture...the rest of us weren't prepared for a photo shoot at all! haha!

Miss Elizabeth said...

It was, Jackie. Yeah, some of them weren't very posed, but you don't look so bad, of course. :) I will never forget when we were about to perform and you know who kept getting his folder out and I told him, in a rather loud whisper, to keep putting it away until we were ready to start. That was funny. :)

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