Friday, August 3, 2012

Our trip: Part 1

Hello again, dear friends! We have returned from our journey and are all safe and sound at home.

The trip was marvelous. Route 80 was so scenic, I had not traveled it since we left Pennsylvania and seeing it again almost brought tears to my eyes! But I will not ramble too much, instead I will allow you to enjoy the beautiful work of Darcy, who captured the journey for me.

The sky was clear as we set out
Can't go without something to browse at.... what better than MaryJane's books?? :)

Can you imagine leaving my perfume at HOME??? *shudders*

Mama sipping an ice coffee. Yum...

Right as we got on the highway, what did I see..... a RED PETERBILT!!!! My favorite!

A stop at the DQ made everyone happy after we had been riding for a while. (He's trying to be silly, by the way. He doesn't really smile like that. :)

Calling for directions...

At last! We drive over the border.... now the adventure really begins.... :)

We stopped in Hermitage PA where my grandmother lives for the night.

Found these in Grandma's attic..... *swoon*

I. Want. These. Shoes.

They were only just a HAIR too small! I ALMOST fit into them, but I didn't quite make it.
On the road again the next morning....

The Alleghenies! Up ahead! It's them! Oh I haven't seen them in SOOOO LONG!!!!

It's them...... *sigh*.......

Nothing can compare, sorry

One thing I remember about Pennsylvania was the smell of the fir forests. Sorry, there's just no smell like that anywhere else.

Mom was quietly reading while I was wildly jumping all over the car to get shots out of every window....

No caption for this one. Words can't describe it. And the picture does it only about 10% justice.

 That was part one for ya. More pictures soon!

Oh, and by the way, notice my new design? What do you think?

Love always,


Kathryn said...

These are beautiful! I know what you mean about the smell of fir forests, only I always think of the acres and acres of spruces and pines in the Olympic Mountains. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Rose M. said...

I absolutely love the picture of your mom reading a book in the reflection of the window! So artistic! Bravo!

~Rose M.

Vicki said...

The new design is gorgeous! As are the photos from your trip!
Random, but I had a dream once about buying a dslr and naming it Darcy...haha! It's just a great camera name, I guess!


Miss Elizabeth said...

Hahahaha! Darcy must indeed be a very good name for a camera. I was debating between Darcy and Thornton (my two favorite period drama heroes), but then Darcy won out because it just sounded so cute. :)

Clare Ryan said...

Your new design is lover-ly! Super sweet and feminine and very YOU.

It looks like the trip was really amazing. Those shoes, those shoes! *swoon*

God bless you!

Mary Katherine Womack said...

Isn't Pa great?! That's neat that Stephen is going to the Academy :) I hope he likes it. :)

Miss Elizabeth said...

Mary Kate!!! Gosh girl it's been a while. :) I was going to email you about Stephen going to the academy. Yeah I hope he likes it too. I miss PA sooooooo much. But I will be seeing you when we make trips into town... :)

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