Sunday, August 12, 2012

This past weekend...

Well I'm home from having a very fun time this weekend with my awesome friend, Jackie, (I'm smiling at you, Jackie), and our little friend Elizabeth and her little sweet brother, my boyfriend, Andrew. :) Yes, I just said that. Would you care to hear about what we did? Very well, here it is.

So, first, on Saturday morning after Mass, we all went to McDonalds *gag* for breakfast, because we wanted to get to the mall. They do have awesome frappes, though!! :)

With $60 dollars in my purse, from a farmsitting job, we embarked to the mall. When we got to the mall we shopped around for a while, and I found 2 pairs of shoes that I loved. And they were only $10 and $20!! So, of course, I could not pass them up.

I know, I've got a run all the way up my stocking, but I love these shoes!!
 Ok, so then we shopped around some more, and Lizzy and I went into one of the stores and bought lip gloss and nail polish. I got red. :) I mean, red-red.

Then, we went to get frozen yogurt.
Lizzy and Andrew had never been to this place, so it was new for them. While Jackie and I were getting ours and Andrews, Elizabeth went over to the machine, and filled her cup almost to the top, then went to the toppings and, before we saw what she was doing, got almost every one they had! Well, not exactly every one they had, but look:

See that one in front? That one was Elizabeth's. :) 

 And here she is happily stuffing her face with her treat. Oh, Elizabeth... :)

 And here is Andrew, the little angel. Well, not exactly a little angel, but he was being very good so he could get his frozen yogurt we promised him.

He's showing you the toppings he chose. :)

After that we left the mall and went to Michaels to get some beading supplies so we could make some jewelry at Elizabeth and Andrew's house.

When we got to their house, I painted Elizabeth's nails red with the new polish.

 And I also did her toenails in a pink that she picked out.

 Meanwhile, Jackie curled her hair...

 Then she took the pin curls out and..... beautiful!! Oh, and of course, Elizabeth knew that all these pictures I was taking were obviously going to end up on my blog (she knows me too well), so she wanted me to tell all my bloggy friends if I thought she looked cute (which she did!), and that she would like to hear comments from you on how you think she looked. It was an extreme makeover for her, and she would like to know what you all think! Just thought I would let you know. She reads my blog, so she will see all of your comments. :)

Andrew and his little baby brother came to watch. :)

 Tommy wanted the camera! :D

 Little boy boyfriends are so much better than older boyfriends because they are way more fun. :)

 And then, of course, their older brother Steven begged to have his picture taken too. (Can't leave out my precious little sweetheart Steven, can I? :)
As you can see he tries to be handsome sometimes, but it usually doesn't work. :)

 Then I went downstairs and was messing around with the two little guys before dinner.

"Take my picture Elizabeth!!!"  "Why?"  "Because!"  "Because why?"  "Because I need a picture of myself in this shirt!"  "Whatever you say Andrew..."

 Tommy eating his pillow. Now that is handsome.

Isn't he just precious?? *melts*

Oh! And when I went back to Jackie's house I watched My Fair Lady for the very first time! We both fell asleep halfway through (it was like 1:30am) but we woke up towards the end. It was such a great movie!

Well, I must be going now. Do have a lovely Sunday!

Yours truly,


Clare Ryan said...

Those shoes are a dream! Totally worth $30.

God bless!

Lauren said...

Gorgeous shoes! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! :) And your friend Elizabeth looks lovely after her "extreme makeover":)
By the way, I love listening to the Little Women music when I'm on your blog...I need to get that soundtrack:)

Jac said...

Yes, you did have to post AAALLLL this! lol! I'm glad that we're "awesome" friends and that you had a good time this weekend. Hope we can do it again!!! Btw, you forgot mention that you watched "My Fair Lady" for the first time!!! haha!

Miss Elizabeth said...

Oh that's right!! Duh!! Just edited the post. :)

Marissa said...

How fun! Love your shoes! Nail polish is dazzling! Oh and tell Elizabeth that she is a cutie, darling, and a beautiful young lady at that!

Have a great day and God bless


Emma said...

Hi Miss Elizabeth! I just thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Emmaline. :) I really like your blog.


Miss Elizabeth said...

Why hello Emmaline! I'm so pleased to meet you and am so happy you like my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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