Monday, September 24, 2012

A letter from the academy!!

    Tonight I was so excited when, on getting back from being out late, a letter was waiting for me in our mailbox from..... my brother!! *Squee!* I was so excited as I ripped it open and scanned the writing covering an entire page and the back of it. He says he is doing well, and that he can still read my blog posts, and that he saw the one I wrote about him a little while back. :) He told me he hasn't been calling recently because he is so busy with Latin and Grammar. Sure, Stephen, sure.... :P He also told me that the other day one of the boys' sisters sent "about 90 billion cookies for us. This just proves you could send something..." Of course, that got me thinking that I should send him and the boys a big box of his favorite type of cookie that he always used to ask me to make for him to take on their boy scout campouts...... chocolate chip. :) Golly I can still remember him begging me to bake three dozen for him to take since supposedly all the boys loved them. Anyways, in general he is doing very well from what he tells me. They keep them very busy over there, especially with PT. Which he says stands for "Physical Torture"; like jogging really far in the rain.

     It was so exciting to get his letter and of course, I am already writing a reply. :)

Love always,


Marissa said...

Awwww how nice I am sure you are a perfect sister to him! BTW I awarded you at my blog! Have a great day and God Bless


Rose M. said...

Oh, goodness! That is so sweet!

Kiri Liz said...

I love getting letters! Although, as my brother is still at home, I doubt that he would be the one to send me a letter... Actually, for the last few weeks, I've been corresponding with a friend at college. It's always a thrill when you open the mailbox and see that letter in there with your name on it! :)

I just noticed that Marissa awarded you, and I'm assuming you really deserved the award because I just awarded it to you, too!

Miss Elizabeth said...

Marissa, I try to be. :) Thank you so much for awarding me!

Rose, I know. I was really touched especially when I saw how long it was.

Kiri Liz, isn't it fun? I have a friend in college and also a friend in the convent who I write to often. You are so funny, thanks for awarding me! I'm glad that you both think my blog is artsy. :P

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