Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A new member to our family

Today I would like to introduce a new addition to our house. :)

Since our brother went away to school, my sister has been asking about getting an indoor pet to keep her company. We thought about different things. A bird didn't work because there isn't much you can do with them. Mice, rats, gerbils, and any kind of rodent was a no. :) We already have fish. Ferrets are sort of, you know, strange. Mom said the one dog already in the house was her max. Our family isn't crazy about cats. So, that left our all time favorite furry animal: a rabbit!

So here she is. She's a dutch bunny, with a furry brown and white coat. She's so sweet and cuddly!!

I just recently gave away my last two outdoor rabbits, so getting this bunny helped fill their place.

We aren't quite sure what to name her yet. Therese had her heart set on "Ferdinand," but then we got her and found out she was a girl. So, we automatically looked at whose feast day it was the day we got her; it was St. Hyacinth. Eh, didn't quite fit. So we are still thinking.

She has been a very good rabbit. We're keeping her inside so she is so spoiled and pampered, she's got free run of a part of the house, and tons of toys.

So, do you have any suggestions for cute girl bunny names? Therese would appreciate any ideas. :)

Yours truly,


Sarah said...

Adorable! Maybe Beatrix? Whenever I see a rabbit I cannot help but think of Beatrix Potter. : )

Stephanie said...

How precious! Perhaps Bella...I also really like Beatrix.



Jessica Cangiano said...

Oh my word, what an incredibly darling bunny. As a lifelong rabbit fan, I'm through-the-roof happy for you on this new addition to your family. The brown hue of her fur reminds me a bit of the colour of nutmeg (in its whole form), and so I'd be inclined to name her Nutmeg.

Many sweet thanks for your lovely comment on my recent Flickr Favourites post. I sense we have much in common and am so happy to be following your beautiful blog now.

♥ Jessica

Miss Elizabeth said...

Same here... I suggested Beatrix to her and she likes it! Looks like we may name her that. :)

Miss Elizabeth said...

Bella is so cute!!!

Miss Elizabeth said...

You're right, it does remind me of nutmeg. We had thought of ginger, but it didn't quite fit. Nutmeg is cute and more appropriate for a little bunny. :)

Thank you, I'm glad to be following yours now too! I love your outfit you posted. There's nothing quite like looking vintage. :)

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