Sunday, September 23, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Round Two!

It's time for another Awkward and Awesome post! :) I just love these things... so much fun!


When you are talking to your friend about an annoying thing someone did, and all of a sudden that person walks right by and looks sideways at the two of you. *Blush!*

You show up at a public place for a school function, and all the girls are wearing skinny jeans, trendy boots, and hoop earrings, except you, the one standing there in the long plaid skirt and the plain blouse. All of a sudden that skirt doesn't look as pretty as you thought it did this morning. It actually starts looking kind of frumpy.

When you find out your little girlfriend's older brother is stalking your blog. *shudders* I honestly can't decide if that's awkward or awesome. In a way it's awkward, I mean, why would a guy be interested in what's on my blog, but then again, the fact that he even takes the time to look at it is kind of cute. :)

 It's a windy day and you walk out of church and suddenly the wind takes an interest in your skirt and decides to blow it all over the place. Yeah, ALL over the place.

Your mom tells you to put the pans away and you open the freezer and start stacking them in there because the freezer is right next to the cupboard that you usually put the pans in, not realizing what you're doing because your mind is currently on the plight of the characters in the latest book you're reading. Then you wake up from your daydream to see your dad standing there looking at you and saying, "Elizabeth, how do you have friends..."


You throw a rock in a pond and it skips.... four times. 

Wearing a floor length skirt. 'Nuff said.

On a random day you get a bazillion compliments on your hair and your outfit. And you didn't think it was any more special than anything you usually wear.

When you are reading an amazing novel about a brave cowboy and a prairie schoolteacher and simply can't put it down until you read it through to the end. Then you close the book, and your eyes, for a few moments, recovering from the drama of finishing such a book. Then you open your eyes to the clock on your nightstand and it says 2:00am. 

Riding bareback at a gallop. Nothing quite like it....

Watching a great movie with your best friend late at night and throwing pillows at the screen when the villain shows his annoying face. (a more detailed post on this event is in the works)

When your only sweetheart is your brother's best friend, an adorable 13-year-old. :) I know this sounds crazy, but he really is sweet... especially when he tells me he's been looking on my Pinterest wedding board. :)

And just because I saw these things on Pinterest (where else? :) I have posted them for your amusement. :D

Oh---that's so mean! :O :D
I am so going to memorize this.

*dies laughing* 


Men just do not know colors..... *sigh*

Foreign policy just got interesting. 

Yep. If only.

I think this turned me dumb.

sooooooooo guilty 
I am so guilty of this....

Yep haha 
 Seriously guys, you think that's attractive? A girl can judge a lot about a man from the way he wears his jeans. This applies to men wearing skinny jeans as well... *ehem*

Have a lovely evening!!



Kiri Liz said...

When you're dressing in a modest and godly way, it's never frumpy. Just saying... and I love floor length skirts, too!! :)

My brother was looking over my shoulder while I read this post and we both burst out laughing when we read the "can humans walk on the sun" post. That's just epic! I can't believe people would actually think that! Haha!

And yes, I, too, am guilty of seeing Bert and the penguins... but mostly the penguins...

Miss Elizabeth said...

I definitely agree dressing modest is not being frumpy! Perhaps I should have said I felt more out of place, since I was the only one dressing modestly. It can be so awkward sometimes! :D

That is so funny. My favorite line is the last one where she says "GOOD IDEA! I never thought of that, people are so stupid..." Ehem, who are you calling stupid? :)

Stephanie said...

All of these were absolutely hilarious! Thanks for sharing!


Miss Melody Muffin said...

I. Am. Laughing. So. Hard! The things people think these days!

Anyway, I agree, nothing can quite compare to riding bareback at a gallop! I recently did the 'stay up late to finish reading your novel' too, only mine was a Regency Romance.

Anonymous said...

Always stay true to yourself. You definitely don't need skinny jeans and hoop earrings to prove that you are beautiful. skirts and dresses can always be lovely and non-frumpy if you take time to make yourself look nice. And as always its what's on the inside that counts. Keep up your godly spirit.
In Christ,
Emma Rose

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