Friday, September 7, 2012

It's been a long 12 years...

Going into my senior year has made me think back on all of my years of schooling, starting way back in preschool, sitting on my mom's lap, looking at Bugs in the Box books. :) We did so many fun things as homeschooled kids coming up through the grades. Fields trips, 4-H, Little Flowers, picnics all kinds of fun things. We had time to get together with other people because heck, we could get up at 6:00 in the morning and have all our schoolwork done before you could say Mary Poppins and then we had the rest of the day for fun stuff!

Here was me and my little brother when we were, hmm, around seven and four I think. Yeah we were pals forever back then... er, *ehem* still are *ehem*

Isn't he just adorable??? He was the cutest kid ever. And he still is!! Even though he has now well passed me in height, he will always be my little sugar boy. I should be glad he is at school now and can't read this post or he would kill me. :P

There he is on the wagon. We always had tons of kids to play with...

This is me on my First Communion. I loved that dress... :)

Those two on the left of me are twins and we were like three peas in a pod growing up. We are still great friends and we have stayed in touch all these ten years! I'm going to go visit them one of these days... :D

Last year I was the confirmation sponsor for this little girl. :) I was so nervous going up on the altar! Dear Altar Boys: how can you handle being so close to our Lord on such a regular basis? Please, please never take this privilege for granted!

And of course, I made my dress. Never can miss a chance to sew something! :)

Sorry for this really random post, but I found these old pictures, and combined with my memories of past school years I thought I could share them with you! Do expect some more coming soon.... I'm in the process of digging them out of old files on my computer.

Have a lovely, lovely day!

Yours truly,


Lauren said...

Oh my! I had that same dress that you are wearing the first picture! How funny! I loved looking at these photos Miss Elizabeth:)

Miss Elizabeth said...

Haha really? That's funny. It was an April Cornell dress. :) My mom used to dress me in those all the time. :) Glad you liked the photos!

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a heartwarming look back at some of your childhood memories. I am very much the nostalgic type, and often like to recount tales of my youth on my blog or scrapbook pages.

Speaking of blogs, may I just say that yours is absolutely beautiful. The header, background, sidebar, it's all so elegantly stunning.

Thank you very much for entering Chronically Vintage's Red Apple Lipstick giveaway today, dear gal, I sincerely appreciate it and am so happy you did, so that I could in turn discover your wonderful blog.

♥ Jessica

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS dresses! Thanks for sharing these photos!

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