Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pros and Cons of having a brother at boarding school...

It's been very quiet and uneventful in the house since our brother left. Life is a bit different, naturally, with one less person in the house. I really miss him, and can't wait until he comes home for Christmas in December!

I would say there are some good and some not so good things about having him gone.


1. No more having to hurry up and make dinner so he and Dad can rush out the door for basketball on Thursday nights.

2. No more Boy Scouts. Yipee! No more standing around until late in the afternoon on Sundays, waiting for the meeting to end so we could go home. Although I guess this could be a con, because it was kind of fun hearing all the hilarious stories he would bring home from camps. His troop definitely was a rather, hmmm, unique group of individuals. :)

3. Having someone to write letters to. I really don't write to anybody, but now that he's gone I have someone to write to! Although sometimes he takes a while to respond to my letters... :P

4. The ice cream now lasts longer than two days. :)

5. So does all the food, actually.

6. No more intruder barging into my room at night to steal my books. Or my gum. Or my money. (yes, he did that once, under the guise of "borrowing" it)

7. One less person to boot off the computer when I need it. :)

8. And of course, obviously, it is amazing to have him at a school with lots of other wonderful boys (we know a lot of them, they certainly are fine gents). He needed it, and we knew it, and now he's there, and we are all happy for him. I'm happy too because I think he may begin learning the bagpipes *swoon*.


 1. Now I don't have anyone to talk to at night. We used to sit in his room until midnight or later discussing all sorts of things. Like how choir practice went, what happened at a friends house, really annoying people we are fed up with, what we are going to name the new litter of bunnies.... really random stuff. Now I just keep all those things to my self, because there is no one else that I can really tell them to. But when he calls me on the phone...... *big grin*.

2. I guess not having Boy Scouts can be considered a con too. It was kind of nice seeing him move up in the ranks, earn badges, learn how to do cool things I never knew how to do. Like starting a fire in the snow. He tried to show me but I never could learn. :) I remember the day he was elected as SPL and he came running up to my sewing room, where I was busily sewing away, and stood there with a big grin on his face. Naturally, I asked him what his problem was. Then he told me, and I squealed and jumped out of my chair and hugged him, which, for once, he tolerated. :)

I guess I could wrap up all the cons in one by just saying that not having my brother at home with us everyday is, quite frankly, really hard. And really sad for me at times. Sometimes I feel very lonely, with just my mom and my sister every day. He was like my best friend. And now I only talk to him about once or twice a week on the phone, and send him occasional letters. (Which, contrary to popular belief, are not censored :) We may go visit him sometime between now and Christmas, but imagine not seeing your brother for an entire semester? I mean, he is going to have grown since we last saw him! It's just sort of strange. We are slowly getting used to his absence, but it will never be the same now that he's gone.

For all of you with brothers I'm sure you can relate. :) But it is for his own good, and that's what matters the most. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices so that others can have things a little better. And I'm happy to do anything I can to ensure that my brother has a good formation as he grows into a man.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday evening! Thanks for listening to my random ramblings once again...


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Elizabeth said...

Totally know what your saying. My older brother (the sibling I'm closest to) moved to Seattle WA last year for a internship at a church there. He is finely done with his internship and after coming home for "visit" he is now moving to North Dakota to get a job. *Sigh* I miss him so much. But he needs the money, so I'll let him go without a fuss.


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