Monday, September 17, 2012

What I'm doing

These "What I'm Doing" posts have been circulating around the blogging world for awhile, so I decided to partake in the fun and post one myself! Not that you all are interested in what I'm doing, certainly not. :)

My Oregon Trail novel.

"Prairie Courtship"

To a wonderful recording of Bach's Concerto in A Minor, which I played for my orchestra audition this past spring.

I Love Lucy. (She's so funny.)
At my blogger dashboard and all the interesting posts my friends have been writing.
That homemade bread tastes so much better than store-bought, even if it takes you all afternoon to make it.
Exhilarated about this coming weekend when my best friend is coming for a sleepover. We're going to watch "Love's Enduring Promise", which I have not seen yet but she has, and she has been begging me to watch it, so we are going to watch it together. :)

Our first orchestra performance

I was a schoolteacher on the prairie in the 1800s.

Mr. Thornton from North and South.


Jessica Cangiano said...

What a charming idea for a post. I like the scrapbook page quality of recording what one is doing/interested in at a given point in time, so that in the years to come you can look back and see which still apply and what have changed since then.

♥ Jessica

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Love's Enduring Promise is a very interesting movie. IMHO, it is enjoyable, if you haven't read the book, or if you treat it as a completely separate story from the book. Because it is practically nothing like the book.

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