Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Awards, and more awards...

So, recently I have been rewarded by a handful of delightful young ladies and it is high time I posted about my awards! So, without further ado, here is the first:

Marissa of The Countryside Lady has kindly awarded me this:


Thank you so much Marissa! You are such a sweet young lady. :)

And here are the questions accompanying the award.

1.) Skirts or Jeans? 
Definitely skirts. I used to wear jeans when I was younger and before Mom started learning about dressing more modestly, but now I almost never wear any type of pants. I am not saying that some pairs of jeans are not modest, it's just that I personally don't wear them.
2.) Cats or Dogs
Dogs!! I am definitely a dog person. Cats are nice, but I am not as crazy about them. (No offense to you cat-lovers out there!)
3.) Cows or horses?
Aww, cows are so sweet. (Some of them :) But I would have to say horses.
4.) Wood floors or carpet?
Most certainly wood floors! So much more old fashioned. :)  
5.) Rain or sun?
Dear me, I like them both so much. There is nothing like tucking in bed with your window open a crack and hearing that sweet-smelling rain patter and drip on your windowsill, but then again sun sets a sparkle to the world beyond comparison. So therefore I am inclined to say, both. :)
And now for the five ladies I am going to award:
Elizabeth at A Little Bit of Heaven 
Eva at Ramblings of a Janeite
Stephanie at Hopeful Homemaker
Natasha Marie at Day by Day
 Rose M. at The Golden Road

 Thank you Marissa! :)

 I was also awarded this "Artsy Blog Award" a second time by Kiri Liz of Lianne Taimenlore. Thank you Kiri Liz, it was quite a thrill getting this award twice! :)

And now, on to the third...

Rose M. of The Golden Road tagged me in this new tag of her own invention...

the"Just Because" Tag

Now I must answer the twelve questions below. Be prepared Rose M, they are pretty long. :)

  1. Coffee or Tea? Oh goodness, that's hard! I love flavored coffees quite a bit, but then again tea is so very old fashioned and there is nothing like drinking tea out of an old English bone china cup with your pinky sticking out.... so I may be inclined to say tea. (By the way, I don't really stick my pinky out, that was just for added effect :)
  2. You win a thousand dollars!  What would be something fun that you do with it? Ha, what would be something fun I could do with it, or what SHOULD I do with it? That, is the question. If I were to do something fun with a thousand dollars I would probably use it to buy camping supplies and take a trip to Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada and stay there for a week. Yes, I have always wanted to go camp at Algonquin, and if you ask me I think that's the perfect place to go for a honeymoon. My mom thinks I'm crazy for that idea, but I so love the wilderness. *sigh*
  3. You're given the opportunity for the lead part in a play.  Would you take it? Oh gosh. I have only been the lead part in a play once, and that turned out to be a disaster, so I may have to say no from past experience. I played Mary in a Christmas play a couple years back and that was probably the worst nightmare of my life. The day of the play I had a sore throat, and since it was a musical, I had solo parts and I ended up sounding like a croaking frog. I remember peeking out from backstage and seeing everything dark except for the bright lights of the stage, and all those people out there waiting, and I asked myself, "How did I talk myself into this?"  
  4. Would you rather sing, play an instrument, or listen? Either sing or play an instrument. I love listening, but I am the do-it person. As much as I love to sing, I may have to chose play an instrument, since I love my violin, Eilis, so much and playing her is such a treat every time I pick her up. (By the way, Eilis is Gaelic for "Elizabeth" and it is pronounced "ay-LISH") I do name all the instruments I play. My piano, as you already know, is Felicity. I also have the privilege of playing the beautiful pipe organ in our church choir loft once in a while for Mass on a Sunday. Her name is Philomena.
  5. Are you more of a chit-chat person?  Or sporty? If you mean would I rather stand around and talk or play sports, then I would definitely stand around and talk. I'm terrible at sports. Unfortunately. Unless you're talking about horseback riding, which is a sport, and in that case I would leave chatting to the wind and go ride.
  6. Did you ever have an unrealistic dream as a child?  If so, what was it? *giggles* I wanted a horse. Really, really bad. It was unrealistic because we lived in the city for many of my growing up years. Now we live in the country and I am thinking about getting a horse when I graduate.
  7. Have you fulfilled any of the dreams that you had as a child?  If so, what where were they? I always wanted to learn to play the violin, which I do now. I had always wanted to learn to sew, which I have taught myself.
  8. What's that one place in the world that you've always wanted to visit? Rome! My parents went to Rome before I was born and they made an album of everything they saw. I remember thumbing through it with awe as a little girl and thinking, "Someday, I will go there." And I will. Before I die, I will.
  9. What book character do you always find yourself imitating? Probably Miss Elizabeth Thatcher from "When Calls the Heart". I relate to her in so many ways it's uncanny.
  10. What's your favorite season?  Why? Oh, that's hard! I love fall, and I also love spring. One of the two.
  11. What are some of your favorite blogs to read? The Golden Road, Accordion to Kelly, Day by Day, Old Fashioned Charm, The Catholic Young Woman, Your Sacred Calling, and so many others!
  12. How long have you been blogging? Since March 6, 2012! (I just dug out my first post and checked the date :)
And then the rules are:

1. Answer the questions.
2. If you wouldn't mind mentioning Rose M's blog, The Golden Road, and me, person who tagged you, that would be lovely.
3. Tag 5 to 10 people and let them know you tagged them.

The people whom I tag are *drumroll*:  
Elizabeth at A Little Bit of Heaven  
Stephanie at Hopeful Homemaker
Natasha Marie at Day by Day 
Marlene E. from A Touch of Whimsy

Thank you again ladies! This was so much fun. :)


Rose M. said...

Firstly, thank you for awarding me! :D
Secondly, I loved reading all of your answers! I love your child dream of having a horse. That's so sweet! I hope one day you'll have one and get that lovely trip to Rome as well (it's a *breath-taking* place). :)

Natasha Marie said...

Ooh, thank you for the awards!! =)
Loved reading your answers! Childhood dreams of owning your own horse do come true. I lived in the city until I was 11, and sometimes I'd cry because I wanted a horse soooooo much and thought I'd never have my own. A few years after we moved to the country, I got my wonderful Bobby boy. One of the best days in my entire life:) I hope you get your dream horse someday, too!
Have a lovely day!

Abilaine said...

Beautiful new design! (: Sorry for the late comment!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for awarding me Elizabeth!

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