Friday, October 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Round 3!

You are now thinking, "What? She just did one of these things." Well, I know I did, but I have some time now that I usually don't have on a Friday evening so I thought I would squeeze in one more post while I had the chance. Posts have been a bit sparse around here lately, and besides, there are so many awkward (and awesome!) things that happen to me that if I don't record them for y'all I'll forget! :D

So. Here we are.


Racing down 5 miles of back country roads on your bike because you want to make it to the little country store before it closes so you can buy that Ambrosia Chamomile tea you wanted since your tea supply is running low (and heaven forbid I should miss my afternoon tea!). The cows and horses in the pastures look at you like you're crazy as you speed by and the farmer guy pitching hay stops and just stares.....

When you take a really long time to do a quiz online, then you click submit at 12:01 and it says "We're sorry, the submission deadline for this quiz was 12:00pm EST, blah blah blah, your scores have not been saved, blah blah blah..." AARGH!!! This is more frustrating than just awkward.

When you are walking the dog with your younger sister and you pass by a house with a yard bedecked in goblins, draculas, and pumpkins with freaky smiley faces on them. "What is that one blow up thing that looks like a green man with screws sticking out of his ears?" she asks. Then you start explaining who Frankenstein is, and how it's all so stupid anyway, and why people celebrate Halloween is beyond your understanding, when suddenly..... you see a member of that house outside on his driveway. And that member is the twenty-one-year-old Joe somebody-or-other who is sitting out there working on his big red truck. By the expression on his face when he tips his hat to you, you know he heard you.
Major, major, major embarrassing moment. :P
When your little girlfriend tells you that her older brother found out that now you know he's on your blog. Mr. Stalker, you have been officially discovered. Come now, there's a good chap, you don't intimidate me one bit, I knew it all along... *smile*

When your dad calls you the "shorty" of the family in front of a bunch of people. Come on, Dad. It's bad enough that I'm kinda short, we don't need to spread the news... :)


Anything other than Algebra II. I'm sorry, math and science have never been my strong point anyway, but algebra simply has no scope for the imagination whatsoever. It's so...... dry. And no matter how many times your teacher tries to tell you you will use it in real life, don't buy it. If there's something algebraic that needs to be solved when I have my own family, I'll just have to make sure I marry someone who's really really good at math and I'll let him figure it out if it's so terribly important. Mothers in the old days sometimes didn't have any schooling at all and they managed to raise their families just fine. 

Meeting a friend online who likes to sew historical costumes, knows a bazillion people that you know, is traditional Catholic just like you, and loves BBC. Awesome moment.

Being asked to sing for a wedding. I know I already went over all of this but I am just so spiked about going!! It's just great getting to sing for something where just me and two other ladies were personally asked, instead of it being the whole choir. Don't get me wrong, I love our choir, it's just nice to be asked individually. And of course this is going to mean sleeping over at my friend's house (one of the other girls who was asked to sing as well) after we finish up the late night practice two days before the wedding. Fun fun fun!!

Hmm, not as many awesome things that I can come up with this time. Oh, I'm thinking of buying a new dress, but that's not that interesting. Oh well, I suppose I have been more awkward than awesome as of late...

Until next time! Ta ta!

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