Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Official blog button!!

I would like to present you with my new official blog button! What do you think? I really like it. It's definitely better than that other horrid thing I used to have. No wonder not many people have displayed my button! :P

Please do use the code and display it on your blog. There are three sizes to choose from. If you leave a comment letting me know you have used my button, then I will display yours on my blog too. :)

 <a href=""><img border="0" src=""/></a>

  <a href=""><img border="0" src=" "/></a>


<a href=""><img border="0" src=" "/></a>

Thank you for spreading the word! :)

Have a lovely day,


Marissa said...


Kiri Liz said...

Love the new button! The picture... the fonts... beautiful!!

I used to display my fellow bloggers' buttons on my sidebar, but recently I've moved them all to My Swell Friends page on my blog (Lianne Taimenlore). You should see your button there, too! :D

Miss Elizabeth said...

Thank you Marissa! <3

Abilaine said...

I will repeat Kiri Liz in saying that I love the font. :)

Miss Elizabeth said...

Kiri Liz, thanks! I LOVE the idea of a "My Swell Friends" page... I should do that! Sometimes my sidebar gets so cluttered... :P

And to both of you; I have been really excited about the new fonts on PicMonkey lately. I know they have come out with a bunch of Halloween fonts, overlays, and effects, but when not used for a Halloween purpose, they are really neat! The new fonts are AMAZING! So I have been having a lot of fun with those new features. :)

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