Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On Drying Mint, Drinking Tea, and Culinary Failures

Yessir, I did all of those three things today. :)

In the morning I went out and harvested ALL of our spearmint and peppermint and it is now hanging all over poor Mom's kitchen to dry...

 This is all that was left from last year: about an eighth of a bottle. That's what it looks like when it's totally dried and crumbled and in the containers. Wonderful in tea, or in lemonade!

 After hanging all that mint up, I brewed myself some apricot tea. It was very good, this was a new blend I had not tried yet. 

 That is my grandmother's sewing machine. I received it from her in hopes that I would be able to actually use it, but it did not exactly go as I expected. I remember plugging the old thing into the socket, pressing the lever, and waiting. At first there was no noise, then there was a gravely moan as the old thing woke up after sitting in an attic for 50 years.
And then...


I quickly released the lever and peered through the choking smoke at the little dead engine. It was thoroughly and hopelessly fried dead. So, now I'm going to try to take it to a mechanic or sewing machine repair guy and see if they can get it working again with a new engine. 

Until then, it will stay where it is where I can at least admire its old-fashioned charm. After all, if you haven't guessed it already from my blog, I am thoroughly and completely a fanatic for anything old-fashioned. :)

 A cup of tea certainly can put a sparkle to an otherwise boring hour of American Government. :)

And now....

For my epic kitchen failure of the month.

I had spent the afternoon baking cookies to send to my brother at the academy. The first few pans went in fine, and the cookies came out beautifully. But towards the end I decided I would mix in some crushed peppermint candy to the rest of the batter to make it a little more interesting. The all-knowing and omnipotent Betty Crocker assured me that adding 1/3 cup crushed peppermint would add a perky flavor to the normal chocolate chip cookie.

So I took her word for it.

And they came out like this...

 I took one look at these and said, "I am not sacrificing my reputation as a lady of the kitchen by sending these detestable-looking blobs to those boys at the academy." (Honestly, what would they think of me??)


I don't know what happened. The candy sort of melted in the cookie, spreading them out, and sticking them firmly to the pan. The bottoms got too brown when the tops were not thoroughly cooked, and they were a nightmare to get off the pan, even when I used parchment paper. Ah well.

So, tonight I'm going to make lemon cookies or something else to go with my beautiful chocolate chip ones I made. And these, these.... objects will have to be consumed by my understanding family or surrendered to our ever-obliging dog. 

No, actually I would never give him these cause they would make him sick. :)

Oh, and by the way. Have any of you noticed that I now have 50 followers???
Now I'm on my way to 100! 

 I also happened to notice today that I'm at 8 thousand something blog views. *chuckle*
I remember back when I started this blog I was like, "WOOOOOW, I have had two HUNDRED pageviews!! I must be, like, SO popular!!!" *grin*
Well, I do hope you all are having a lovely and more successful day than I am!

Yours as always,


Hannah said...

Dear Miss Elizabeth~
I joined your blog this afternoon after visiting every so often and enjoying with great interest your posts... so I guess that'd be how you got fifty followers.:) Your posts are always so interesting and insightful, keep up the delightful blogging!
P.S. I love Sense and Sensability patterns too.:) Have you ever read Mrs. Chancey's courtship testimony? It is awesome!

Miss Elizabeth said...

Yes, I started following you recently as well. I'm so glad you like my blog. :) Thanks for being my 50th follower!
Isn't Sense and Sensibility wonderful? I have read her testimony, so inspiring!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Your cookies make me smile. When my brother was maybe ten, he made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with added peppermint extract and blue food coloring. They were very interesting! Knowing that Betty recommended peppermint at one point does add a whole new legitimacy to his experiment.

Kathleen Lisson said...

That's awful about the sewing machine! I wonder what the trick is with the cookies. Smaller pieces? Did they make peppermint differently in those days?

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