Monday, November 5, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Round 4


Going to visit your brother at the academy, walking in the front door with your parents and realizing there are quite a few boys standing in the foyer behind the headmaster in their blue blazers, red ties, hands clasped, and watching your every move.  What's the matter boys, haven't you ever seen a girl before?? :)

Those random people that ask you what school you go to and you have to explain that you're home-schooled.  I love being home-schooled, but sometimes other people just don't understand what that is and thus require explanations.  

When you try to go talk to your friend that you haven't talked to in a while but can't seem to lose this group of guys who keeps following you around.  I'm sure you all mean well, dears, but you see I would rather talk to my best friend now and not you, so do leave me alone.

Auditions of any kind.  'Nuff said.


Having the orchestra group picture taken and you land in the back rows with all the tall people because you are wearing the highest pair of heels you've got.  Love it. :D

When you put down that adorable 1 year old you've been holding and he stands there for a moment, turns to look at you, smiles with his two bottom teeth just coming in, and buries his face in your skirt.  Precious.  Of course, then you can't resist picking him up again. :)

The combination of a sleepover, cheesecake, and a period drama.  Just an awesome combination.

When you are watching some little ones at a public place and some old ladies pass you by and tell you how beautiful your family is.  "Well, you see, I'm not exactly their moth-"  you try to cut in, but they give you such big smiles as if they didn't hear you and say "God bless you all, such lovely children.." And walk away smiling to each other.  Well if it makes them that happy to believe we're a family than so be it.  I'm glad I brightened someone's day.

Hope you all have a lovely day!


Cranberry Morning said...

What a fun post! Nice little family you have there. lol And I love the cheesecake and period drama combo. Played that tune here many times. :-)

Pepper & Spice said...


My sister and I have just started our own blog and are in search of interesting blogs to follow. We also hope to find friendly bloggers who will follow our blog as well.

Hope you will stop by and get to know us.

Pepper and Spice

Miss Elizabeth said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Pepper and Spice! :) I will definitely hop on over to check out your blog. Thanks for your comment!

Pepper & Spice said...

Back again...

Thank you, Miss Elizabeth, for following our blog! We also appreciate your suggestion of finding blogs from your profile list.

The combination of a sleepover, cheesecake, and a period drama...that does sound like an enjoyable slumber-party.

It's encouraging to find fellow young women who love babies. So many these days don't seem to know the joy little children bring.


Pepper & Spice said...

P.S. Your blog is remarkable!

Hannah said...

Oh, I know the feeling of being mistaken for being some random adorable littles' mother! That always seems to happen in the checkout at Costco~and always by some dear little old lady. A sweet feeling.:)

May Michael said...

Hello, Miss Elizabeth!
I love your blog! One of my favorite things about your blog is the beautiful music. Would you be willing to post a comment on my blog listing your favorites? I think I'm gonna stock up on some good music with birthday and Christmas money. :p My blog is
Thank you!
May Michael

Miss Elizabeth said...

Hello May Michael!

I'm so glad you like my blog; I will stop by and give you my list of my top favorite music. Thanks for stopping by!

~ Miss Elizabeth

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