Monday, December 3, 2012

Wuthering Heights 2009

The worst of this insufferable illness is at last behind me (I think).  Goodness, that was probably the worst sore throat I have had in my entire life!  I couldn't swallow, couldn't talk, couldn't sleep... it was terrible.  I sat at the computer on Saturday, trying to think of something to post, while sipping cup of tea number 5,962, but I couldn't focus.  So, now I'm feeling much better and my mind is clearing up, thus allowing me to write a post!

During Thursday and Friday, when I was pretty much confined to bed, I certainly watched my fair share of period dramas.  It started with a Love Begins, Love's Enduring Promise, Love's Abiding Joy marathon where my sister and I watched all three in a row.  She loved them, which is surprising, since she generally doesn't go for the romance type of movies, but I suppose they had enough adventure in them to keep her captivated. I also watched Northanger Abbey, and fell in love with Mr. Tilney all over again. :)  We also watched Cranford, from beginning to end.  But there was a new drama I watched that I had not yet seen before.... Wuthering Heights. *smile*

Cathy and Heathcliff

Now if you are not fond of darker stories, then I definitely would not recommend this to you.  It's pretty dark. :)  I think they did a very, very good job on the cast. Heathcliff was just as I imagined him in the book: tall, dark and mysterious.  Cathy was fairly good, though she was a bit over dramatic at times I think.  I would also say that if you have not read the book, it might be a bit difficult to follow the movie. They do a lot of jumping around in the beginning, starting with events that happened towards the end of the story and then jumping back to the beginning of the book. 

The Heights.

There are also some significant scenes that are not appropriate which I had to skip over, so you may want to avoid this movie altogether for that reason.  I had to do quite a bit of skipping when I watched this, and probably will not watch it again because of that.  I liked their choice of characters, and they stayed fairly accurate to the book, but they took the romance between Catherine and Heathcliff and made it appear more physical than what it was in the book, which was very deep, yet untouched. Therefore I would be leery to recommend this movie because of some of the scenes where this was shown.

Well, I do hope you ladies all have a lovely week, and I will hopefully be posting more often as Christmas approaches and we start getting ready for it!

Yours truly,


Lydia said...

I just love your posts, first of all. :)
And I'm so glad you're feeling better! The worse sore throat I had was when I had the swine flu back when it broke out. Sore throats are awful! :(
This version of Wuthering Heights looks nice. It stinks how they sometimes add random, inappropriate scenes though. Surprisingly, I've never read the book. I'll have to do that. :D

Victoria said...

Thanks for the warning about Wuthering Heights. I've seen the black-and-white version and thought about trying to see this one, not thinking about there being anything bad in it. So thank you for that.

Also, may I say, I love your winter theme! It's simply gorgeous.

Miss Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you like my new theme! :)
I have never seen the black and white one, but was thinking of trying it, especially after being disappointed in this one. :(

Thanks for commenting!

~ Miss Elizabeth

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