Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas - Finally!

At last!  A quiet moment to sit down and share with you all our Christmas.  I apologize for the long gap between this and my last post, but with all the things going on at this time of year my time has not been my own.

This year Christmas was quite hectic at our house, but so much fun.  The best part was having our brother back at home with us, even though it was for not even two weeks.  We made Christmas cookies together; of course, Stephen always comes up with the most interesting designs. :)  Mom decorated the house mostly, though we helped with the tree and Stephen put together the mantlepiece.  While they were making the house beautiful, I spent most of Christmas Eve in the kitchen (naturally).  Then it was off to the church to sing for a solemn high Midnight Mass, and then morning high Mass, both of which went very well.

So, here are some pictures. :)

Mom's favorite statue among the evergreens on the mantle

The tree!

The mantle

My favorite ornament

Stephen's cookie

Playing Axis and Allies
My present to Mom: a pair of handmade earrings all wrapped up in my signature plaid tissue and paper doily!

My favorite present from Mom and Dad: a Claddagh ring! :D

Stephen did the table... academy style. :)

For New Years we went to my grandmother's house for dinner.  Then the next morning Dad left to take Stephen home.  Now we're back to the next semester of school and the house is back to being dull as tombs again.  But that's ok.  Whenever the house gets quiet like this when my brother's gone, I use the time to make plans about what I'm going to do when I graduate this year and my life suddenly becomes completely my own.  The places I want to see, things I want to make, trips I want to take...  Gosh, I want to go to England.  Really badly.  I want to go roam the countryside with my sketchbooks and paints, and paint everything I see... 

Goodness there I go again.  Rambling.  Well I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas and have a blessed New Year!

God bless,



Lauren said...

Your ring! It is stunning! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I am really wanting to travel as well...I would love to go roam around Ireland :sigh: Someday!

Marlene E. said...

Ooh, you finally got that Claddaugh ring!

I'm saving up to go to England in two years... want to come (not joking)? Planning on going to the Northern countryside and roaming with my sketchbook, as well as awesome places like Bath and Shakespeare's birthplace. :D

Dessi said...

Your blog is amazing and in this confusing times for us Catholics, your blog is a light for young Catholic maidens!! May God bless you and your family richly!!!

Miss Elizabeth said...

I'm saving up too!! That would be so much fun to go together... must keep that in mind. That is exactly what I want to do; roam the countryside and play Beatrix Potter for a while with my art supplies, then visit some memorable places. So fun!! *swoon*

Rose M. said...

Your tree is beautiful!! All of the pictures were gorgeous. :)

I'm so happy that you got a Claddagh ring! I know from previous posts that you really wanted one!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Clare Ryan said...

Wow, your home is gorgeous! I LOVE the fireplace. I can totally you imagine curled up by it on long winter evenings with a cup of tea and a Jane Austen novel. So cozy!

God bless you!

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