Monday, January 14, 2013

Shawls, Purses and Dreary Weather

So, there have been a couple of new things added to my little wardrobe recently.  Here they are :)

I recently was given this adorable shawl/scarf from my aunt who is visiting us.  Don't you just love shawls?  I do.  There are quite a few in my collection. *sheepish smile*

Isn't it lovely??!!

I just finished making this purse.  It is more for spring.  I went to the thrift store a few weeks ago and fell in love with this extra large ladies button up shirt that was hanging on the rack.  But it was the fabric I was swooning over.  Seriously, when do you see a linen blend in that cute of a print made up in a plain shirt like that?  For $2, it was well worth it.  So I cut the whole thing apart and used some of the fabric to make this purse, using another coordinating blush pink cotton for the top band.  What do you think??

And now, last but not least, I've been working this half moon shawl in some fisherman's wool that I got on sale at Joanns.  It's 100% natural wool, and it's soooo soft.  The pattern is from Lion brand yarn's website.  It's not quite finished, I still have some more rows to work which will make it bigger, but you can see the general look of it.  


This post-Christmas time of year always seems to go a bit slow for me.  Etsy sales are not as many, second semester is starting, and the weather is just downright dreary.  But I'll not let it drag my spirits down.  I'll keep thinking of springtime and all it will bring for me this year, much different than in past years.  

Oh, and you know what?  I think it's time for a blog design revamp.  I'll have to start looking at some new backgrounds and header ideas.  Any suggestions on how you think I should design my blog for this late winter time of year??

God bless,


Clare Ryan said...

The bits and pieces of your house that I see in the background of your photos convinces me that you live in an absolutely gorgeous place... something like my dream home! :)

God bless!

Miss Elizabeth said...

Thank you! Yes, we are blessed with a beautiful old house which is, despite the upkeep, so much fun to live in.

God bless :)

Victoria said...

I just have to say how much I love your new design. They're always pretty, but I think this is my favorite - it's so clean and dainty. You're quite talented!

Miss Elizabeth said...

Thank you Victoria! I have to say your blog designs never fail to catch my eye as well. :) Have a lovely day!

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