Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Being a Stay at Home Daughter Means...

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Making dinner almost every night while Mom is busy with the many other things she has on her docket

Helping little sis' with her schoolwork

Singing all afternoon when nobody is home to hear you

Answering those last minute "I need a babysitter quick!" calls from your friend's family of 7 kids down the road.  It's loads of fun and good practice for when you have your own little precious ones.

Vacuuming every floor in the house.  And yes, I sing when I do that too. :)

When you feel a little lonely, sitting down at your piano who has been your best friend since you were big enough to reach the keys. 

Writing letters to your brother far away

Spending hours in your sewing room making beautiful costumes, practical clothes, and anything that will go in your hope chest.

Drawing your little sister's bunny until she absolutely WILL NOT sit still a moment longer

Taking long walks in the woods

Talking to your best friend on the phone

Writing that book you know will make a major motion picture one day.  In your mind's eye, anyway.

Sharing what's on your heart with your mother while chopping onions side by side

Laughing uncontrollably at your dog who shows up at the front door after a run around the property... with mud all over his muzzle

Watching a movie with your little babysitting charges, and with a baby on your lap, whose eyes are glued to the screen and chubby hand mechanically placing pieces of popcorn in his mouth

Rushing upstairs to grab your homemaking journal to write down that sweet potato pot roast recipe you just made that tasted fabulous, and wondering if your future family will like it as much as you do

Picking your way through an estate sale, spotting that beautiful blue and white tablecloth and buying it up before anyone else can get it.  Then later lovingly tucking it into your hope chest, imagining it on a table in a sunny future farmhouse kitchen.

And most of all, entrusting your whole being to God and his plans for you. :)


Gwyn said...

I'm a stay at home daughter too, and I almost wish I could stay one forever! The only thing is I really, really want to decorate my own house one day -- and not have to ask permission to bring home more animals every other day :}

Miss Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean! Sometimes I feel like life couldn't get any better the way it is now. But yes, we have animal limits at our place too, and I'm always trying to bend them without success. But when I have my own house.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth!!
Thank you so much for commenting in my blog today. It is always a blessing to learn of other stay at home daughters. I love this post-- very true!
Have a blessed day!!

PS- I love your name,btw. My first name is Elizabeth, but everyone just calls me Libby :)

Miss Elizabeth said...

You are very welcome! I found you through Teach Me Tuesdays at Growing Home. :) You have a beautiful blog. And by the way, you are my 75th follower! Thank you so much! :D
~ Elizabeth

Hannah said...

What a lovely list! All of them so very true- enjoy this time you have! Best wishes!

Lydia said...

This was beautiful! It makes me want to appreciate my time at home more and be less restless to get out on my own. :)

Melanie Robinson said...

So glad that I was able to read this post...that is the great thing about link-ups.
My oldest daughter is nearing this stage and although it is very counter-cultural she is delighted to have the opportunity to be a stay at home daughter. I will have to pass a link of your blog on to her.

Mallory O'Bier said...

Cool! I write fiction, and I am home schooled too! I like your blog a lot, and I was wondering if you could add a "follow by email" gadget to your site so I can keep up with your latest posts? Thanks!

Miss Elizabeth said...

Thank you Mallory, I am so glad you like my blog. I have been meaning to add a subscribe by email gadget to this blog for a while, and you have reminded me to do so! It is there now in the sidebar. :)

Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day!

Lina said...

How lovely to have found your blog, Miss Elizabeth! I am a former stay-at-home daughter, now a happy wife and stay-at-home mother of two :)

I must say - it is a delight to find that you are also Roman Catholic! I am a convert.


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