Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm *finally* on Polyvore!!!

So the day has come ladies..... yours truly has joined up.  And it's such an amazing site.  Honestly, you can pick from zillions of things, be they tops, skirts, dresses, scarves, shoes, earrings, you name it, then put them all together in endless combinations, save them, and make more!  One of the best features of Polyvore, in my opinion, is the ability to click on anything in an outfit, and it takes you directly to the site where that thing is sold!  So if I see some breathtaking pumps on a friend's set, I can go right to that site and buy them in my size!  Of course, you have to have ridiculous money to *buy* everything you like on there, but it can give you some great ideas for reassembling some of the things in your own closet, or even make you look at that shirt hanging in the thrift store and say to yourself, "I'll bet I could do an operation on this thing with my sewing machine and make it a real gem!" 

So, here is the link to The Country Handmaiden on Polyvore, and here are some of the outfits I have put together since I signed up:

"Bound for England" by thecountryhandmaiden on Polyvore 

 "Blue and Yellow" by thecountryhandmaiden on Polyvore 

"Spring Shopping" by daytonfarmgirl on Polyvore

So, if you have Polyvore do follow me!

Have a lovely day,


Grace Hincapie said...

Welcome to Polyvore! I love your creations!

Amy said...

Those are lovely outfits. :D I really love the blue and yellow one. So sweet.

Hey, I tagged you, if you'd like to do a tag!
You can claim it here.


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