Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cousins, Cameras, and Classical Music

I have been meaning to post this since Sunday afternoon, but have not had the chance until now.  This morning I was babysitting for a family while my mom and their mom went out for coffee, and as I was sitting in the kitchen bottle feeding one of their sick newborn lambs, keeping an eye on lunch simmering on the stove, and reassuring the well-meaning baby that the fuzzy black lamb didn't need poked to be sure it was alive, I remembered that I had this post still sitting in drafts!  So here it is.

This past weekend flew by in a wink, but it was so very fun!  My orchestra was having our last concert of the season on Sunday at the local art institute, so we invited my aunt and uncle and their two granddaughters to spend the weekend with us.  So technically they are my second cousins.... I think.  Yeah.  Tell me if I'm wrong, but I'm always getting those kinds of things mixed up.  Anyways, I had not seen them in five years, so they were SO BIG.  The little one was a baby on my knee last time I saw her and now she's running around and carrying on full conversations.  Very interesting conversations, at that. *wink*

When they got here, after we unpacked their things, they went to the neighbors to ride their horses and had so much fun.  My uncle had forgotten his camera, so he borrowed mine for the weekend.  So pretty much all the pictures on this post are his photography.  He does underwater photography, since he's a professional scuba diver, and he was able to tell me a lot of things about taking great pictures.  You should see his albums of his underwater adventures in the tropics. 

There's Natalie

And that's Abigail.   We call her Abby for short.  She's so stinkin' cute!

 Smile!  That hat was our brother's....  years ago when he was a little guy.

 And there's Therese.  She loves horses so much, it's crazy.  But sometimes when I see her, I see me at that age.  Hopelessly horse crazy. ;)

 After riding they went exploring in our woods.  Seriously, it's like they had never been in *real* woods in their whole lives.  They were so excited, it was adorable. 

 Yes, that's Natalie getting her first taste of fresh, cold creek water.  When she got up she said, "That's the best tasting water I've ever had in my whole life."  I have to admit she's right. :)

Of course, Abby tried it too and said the same thing as her sister!

The next morning we went to Mass, got breakfast, and headed over to the Dayton Art Institute.  I had to be there at noon to warm up, so the rest of the family went to the Wright Brothers Museum to pass some time.

The art institute is so pretty.  Just look at this little garden..... *sigh*

(I took this photo :)
(and this one)

It was so hot up on stage, but the auditorium was beautiful!

Inside the foyer

The performance went very well, in my opinion.  I got a little nervous at the warm up; two of the pieces just weren't going together well and I don't know if it was because people were nervous, or cramped (there was barely enough bow room on stage), but it was making me nervous.  Before we started playing I said a prayer to St. Cecilia to let everything go well and it did!  Can't wait to hear the recording.  Maybe I will post it on the blog when I get it. :)

 I wish I could have taken more pictures, my uncle had the camera like I said, so he was able to take shots from the audience, but if I would have gotten my hands on a camera I would have taken some pictures of the rooms on the third floor where we put all of our coats and things.  They were so cute and old fashioned!  Each little room had a mirror and lights, and even little wooden stands with embroidered straps where you could set your case for unpacking (instead of the usual dump it on the floor and hope no one steps on it). 

Lastly, I want to thank all of our friends who were able to attend.  If you are reading this right now, thank you so much for coming and sharing your afternoon with me!!  I hope you enjoyed the music as much as I did.

Yours truly,


Cranberry Morning said...

Love the alliteration of the post title, of course! and the photos are great. Sounds like everyone had a spectacular time. Good for kids to get out into the countryside and breathe REAL air!

Amy said...

I totally love that stage! How exciting to be able to perform somewhere so beautiful! Seriously. <3

It looks like you had a fun visit. Little kids add so much spice to life, don't they? :D

Lizzie said...

My cousin recently had a baby, and I looked up all that information, because I wanted to know how we're related, and the baby is actually my first cousin once removed. My cousin and I are related by our grandfather, so the "once removed" simply states that my new baby cousin is a great-grandchild of my grandfather, so we're separated by a generation. If I ever have a child though, my child will be a second cousin to my cousin's child because they will both be related by their great-grandfather. Anyway, I thought it was really interesting. I hope my attempt to explain it makes sense! =)

Miss Elizabeth said...

Oh I see, so these would actually be my first cousins once removed, because they are the children of one of my cousins. Interesting. Thanks for sharing! :D

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