Friday, April 5, 2013

He is Risen

It's been a whirlwind at our house since my brother got home for Easter, and the sacred Triduum began.  Choir practices, cleaning the church, preparing the house, baking like crazy, arranging flowers... all very exciting, but quite taxing.  So here I am at last sitting down to write a post.  I think this time I will mostly let the pictures tell their own story, instead of me rambling on like I usually do. :)

These first few pictures were taken at the Mass on Easter morning.

Photo credit: Karin K.
Photo credit Karin K.
Oh looky, there's the choir!  Which I am in. :)  Sixth person in from the left.  It's funny this picture makes it look like I almost have blonde hair, which I don't unfortunately.  I think it was the lights.

Photo credit Karin K.

After Mass we came home to Easter brunch with the family.

 The Easter bunny. :)  And then there's Dad, the epic photo bomber. :D

 I took this picture of the table without realizing who was trying to be in it but it turned out so funny I had to include it.  Her face.  I just can't even....

Then I made this carrot cake to take to our friends house that evening for dinner. 

It was pretty good actually, seeing as it was my first ever attempt at a carrot cake.  After we had it, the kiddos and I went out to their trampoline and had a blast.  Seriously.  Never underestimate the fun you can have on a trampoline with a bunch of little kids.  It was crazy.  I think I was having as much fun as they were... maybe more. :)

Hope you all had a happy and blessed Easter!

God bless,


Treskie said...

Happy Easter!

Wow,,,, that picture of the Consecration is beautiful.

Your Easter table was GORGEOUS!! My sisters bought flowers and we had a pretty awesome table too. LOL.

My hair turns blonde in some pictures too. IT's weird.

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures.
I love your Church! *Blinks jealously.* We are still just a mission chapel and we have to rent a building for Mass. *Sigh* We're saving for our own building and I can't wait for the day when we have a REAL Church! :)


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