Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My "Scary" List

Do any of you have a list of those things that scare you the most?  I do. :)  Some things really creep me out.  Contrary to popular belief, I am not afraid of the dark, but here are the top five things I am afraid of:

Number 5

*shivers*  Ever since that fine spring day when I was 4 years old and I spotted a garter snake in the garden, I have been deathly afraid of these slithering monsters.  And that one there is a black rat snake, which is probably the type I am most afraid of because once last summer one of those tried to get at my baby bunnies.  

Number 4
 I don't mean *all* people scare me, but big groups of them do.  It's kind of hard to explain, so allow me to share this comic which illustrates exactly what my fear of people can be like: 
So basically, yeah. 

Number 3
Deep Water

 Yeah, that may look peaceful and serene, but throw me in there and I can make your death look like an accident.  This goes for the ocean, lakes, and even ponds.  Pools don't bother me too much, but if I can't see the bottom, it freaks me out.  And it's not because I can't swim, cause I definitely can and I like swimming.  Once when I was about 11 years old, I was swimming in a lake at a state park with my friend, and she talked me into swimming farther out.  "No need to worry," I told myself, "You have been swimming since you were old enough to walk, you know what you're doing.  It will be fine."  So we went out a little farther, and then a little farther.  The water was getting colder as we began to tread in deeper water.  Suddenly, I felt a huge, slimy, scaly object brush between my legs and I let out a horrendous shriek, thrashing in the water towards the shore as fast as my arms and legs would take me.  

 I could tell you stories of ocean incidents too, one of which involved a live jellyfish (one of the scariest moments of my entire existence).   

So.  No deep water for me, no sir.

Number 2

 Ok, I'm starting to creep myself out because we're getting to my top two scariest things.  Here you have a centipede.  It seems that every house we have ever lived in has been plagued with these servants of the devil.  They move crazy fast, and they have way too many legs, and they show up where you least expect them to.  Like the shower.  Or the bathroom towel when you go to dry your hands.  I had to get a drink of water once in the middle of the night, and there was a centipede right where the cups were, so I woke up my brother and made him kill it.  The poor guy was half asleep, but he knows that I won't rest until that thing is dead. :)

And now, we have come to the number one scariest thing on my list...

Number 1
   Somebody kill that thing, please.  I don't think I need to tell you why I am deathly afraid of spiders.  It doesn't matter how big they are, if they bite or not, if they are fuzzy or smooth, if they are black, or brown, or white...... I hate them.  And DON'T YOU DARE tell me they are good because they eat insects.  People have tried that on me and I'm warning you, it doesn't work.  No one will ever talk me out of fearing these creepy crawling things.  *shivers*

So, I hope you have enjoyed my presentation on what scares me the most.  Perhaps one or more of these things are on your "scary list"?  What scares you the most?

Take care and steer clear of those spiders,


Dessi said...

I am afraid of snakes, deep water and tornadoes!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

ARRGH! I hate centipedes! It's because of them I'm not as afraid of spiders anymore. At least with spiders, you can count their legs. Never seen any centipedes on any towels, though (thankfully!). But once, I was in an accounting class and I had my backpack on the floor and in the middle of a lecture, a centipede was crawling on the floor and heading towards me. I couldn't scream (wouldn't look good in the middle of a lecture after all), so all I could do was put my backpack on the empty chair in front of me. Absolutely creeped me out! I don't know what happened to that thing; it was almost like he disappeared.

Vicki said...

Every single one of these is on my scary list! :P I think snakes are one of the biggest things I'm afraid of, though...they just scare me so bad! And then deep water...oh my. Honestly, I don't like doing anything more than wading in lakes, rivers, and oceans. It's not that I can't swim well, but more because I'm afraid of the creatures swimming below the surface.
I also have a slight phobia of heights. Also, public speaking...that really frightens me, and since I'm currently taking a public speaking class...yowza.

Decked Out in Ruffles

Anonymous said...

I agree with the snakes and the people too :) One of the things that scares me the most is ticks. They are way too common down her in the south in the summer. I can't stand those things!!

Amy said...

I find deep water rather unsettling too.


Spiders are the worst for me. I hate the evil little things! I am sure they are 100% a punishment for original sin! lol. They are evil.

Treskie said...

I've never seen a snake that I can recall... living where I live, we are very, very lucky. We don't get big bugs or snakes or ticks.... it's basically heaven. LOL. (We do have a lake though. You should come out and come swimming with us. Hahaha, and don't worry, I'm not that strong of a swimmer, so I never got out above my head if I can help it.)

People! *hides* I'm the most terrified person in big crowds.... and the other day in confession, the priest said I should try to socialize more! Nooooooooooo! *Facepalmmmm*

Centipedes are awful.

Don't even get me started on spiders. We don't get big ones, really... and we don't have black widows... but we do have brown recluses (which don't come out much. Go figure, seeing as they're a "recluse" and all. lol) But they can be small as a pin head and I leap around shrieking something along the lines of DEATH TO ALL THE SPIDERS!" They must all die. THey are not nice.

Oooh and I tagged you. Merherherh.

Hana - Marmota said...

My sister reacts to spiders much the same way you do... I don't. I kind of like the smaller ones. The larger ones do freak me out, but much less.
Large insecty things in general. The small ones are OK, even sometimes cute. A possible exception to the "large" rule are butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers.

I can't swim, so I'm scared of water, and I can't swim because I'm scared of water. At the same time, I enjoy water.

I have koumpounophobia. A phobia of buttons. In my case, it's more just a disgust of most of them, with a crawly feeling. Eugh.
I don't mind shank buttons and fabric-covered buttons. It's the ones with holes that creep me out, and the more holes, the worse it is. And the more buttons, the worse it is. Also, the tiny shirt ones. I'd better stop here...

One of the scariest things ever was a monster in a Doctor Who Episode that fed on one's faith and replaced it with a worship of itself. That was so utterly, utterly unsettling.

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