Sunday, April 7, 2013

Red Apple Lipstick Review

So the other day as I was browsing through my emails, a new one came in from a representative of Red Apple Lipstick.  Much to my delight, as I read the email, I realized that she was asking me if I would like to do a product review on my blog for their lipstick!  She said she really liked my blog and what I write about, and was sure that I would enjoy their makeup.  So I responded and said I would love to.  

Then, the time came to decide... what color lipstick was I going to pick?  A shimmery plum color like "Mauve Me"?  A soft pink like "Beach Peach"?  Or how about some vintage pop like "Reddy or Not"?  Let me tell you, it was hard to decide.  It didn't help that I had my brother and his best friend leaning over my shoulder snickering at the names of the colors.  Teenage boys... what do they know about lipstick? :)

At last, I decided on "Berry Blast".  It's more raspberry in color, which works good on me since I have darker hair and eyes.  They shipped it super duper fast, and it was in my mailbox before I knew it.  When I opened it up, there was this cute little canvas drawstring bag inside, which contained, after unwrapping the lime green tissue, a little box with my tube of lipstick inside it.  One thing that makes an impression on me about a company is how they package their products.  This was very appealing, and I loved the black and green color combo they chose, along with the drawstring bag, which gave it that all-natural, earth-friendly feel. 

 I tried it on lightly.  Gorgeous color.  Then I put some more on, making it deeper.  It was perfect because you could put as little or as much on as you wanted and it still looked great.  I was so pleased with the color, the smooth, creamy, glossy texture, and the awesome fruity scent!  I wore it all day, and by dinner time, the color was still bright as ever, as if I had just put it on.  You do not need to be a serious makeup person to see the quality in this product.  Personally, I do not wear makeup, but I do wear lipstick on occasion, and when I wear it I want to wear nice stuff. 

The thing that makes Red Apple Lipstick unique from the others is that all of their products are completely free of anything toxic or gross.  You won't find gluten, paraben, lead, soy, aluminum, carmine, etc in their products.  Red Apple Lipstick definitely is not taking the cheap route; they take pride in providing completely natural makeup to their customers.

But what is so amazing about Red Apple is that at the same time, while they are eliminating these nasty ingredients that are in most lipstick brands today, they are not sacrificing the quality of their makeup.  The quality is impressive, and I'm happy to say that I have at last found my favorite tube of lipstick.

So, hop on over to their site here and check out all they have to offer.  They also sell other makeup products as well, which all follow the same high standards as their lipstick.  The customer service is very friendly, and is happy to answer any of your questions.  I highly recommend this company to any girl who cares about her looks and her health at the same time.  

Yours truly,


Amy said...

That does sound like really nice lipstick. And I LOVE the color! :P So pretty. <3922

Ashley said...

Love Your Blog! I personally haven't tried Berry Blast but it is a gorgeous lipstick :)

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