Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Flowers

I remember memorizing this poem when I was seven years old, sitting next to my mother on the sofa.  I just came across it today unexpectedly, but when I started reading it so many fond memories began rushing back.  Robert Louis Stevenson is probably one of my favorite poets, since his poems are so beautiful, but easy for young children to understand.

The Flowers  
by Robert Louis Stevenson
All the names I know from nurse:
Gardener's garters, Shepherd's purse,
Bachelor's buttons, Lady's smock,
And the Lady Hollyhock. 

Fairy places, fairy things,
Fairy woods where the wild bee wings,
Tiny trees for tiny dames--
These must all be fairy names!

Tiny woods below whose boughs
Shady fairies weave a house;
Tiny tree-tops, rose or thyme,
Where the braver fairies climb! 

Fair are grown-up people's trees,
But the fairest woods are these;
Where, if I were not so tall,
I should live for good and all.

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