Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Ramblings

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day with your mothers!  Ours was wonderful.  It started in the morning when my sister and I woke up early and prepared a breakfast in bed for Momma.

Sorry, I had the plate over it to keep it warm and didn't think to take it off before I took the picture. :)

After celebrating in the bedroom and presenting our humble offerings wrapped up in brown paper and ribbon, we proceeded to get ready for Mass.

After a beautiful Mass we headed to our friends house for most of the day.  I had made Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcakes the night before which, alas, I did not get pictures of.  But apparently they were popular because by the time the girls and I returned from the airsoft war they had all vanished into thin air!  Oh and yes, you did hear me correctly.  I played airsoft practically the whole afternoon.

Normally I would have been absolutely horrified at such an unladylike sport, but when the boys called for reinforcements, and the other girls begged me to come with them, I decided that for this one afternoon I could throw being ladylike to the wind and have some fun.  It was very.... interesting, considering I absolutely stink at shooting anything, and most of the time I was just trying not to get shot (those things hurt really bad!), but overall I did have a great time.  Countless two-man airsoft wars in our own woods with my brother have at least made me somewhat familiar with the game.  However, I did come home with some sunburn.  I looked in the mirror later that evening and, to my sorrow, saw a nice pink stripe starting at one end of my cheek, skimming over my nose, and ending on the other side.  So much for preserving my complexion this year.  In all the books I read, a lady always makes every effort to keep the sun off of her face, so as not to tint her features, as that was considered very uncivilized.  So, each spring I get so determined that during the warm months, I'm going to wear a hat or bonnet and sunscreen whenever I go outside, to keep the sun off my face.  But each year my failure is epic when, on that one spring day (like today), it just sort of happens, and then there it is for the rest of the summer.  So here I am, an unsophisticated redskin from the backwoods.  Well not quite, but that's how I feel.

Well somehow I went from talking about Mother's Day to getting a sunburn in one post.  Sorry for my very random ramblings!  But then again, I did warn you in the title of this post.

Happy day after Mother's Day! :)

God bless,


Rose M. said...

I have the same resolution every year: preserve nice, pale(ish) skin throughout the summer. No sunburn. Try to prevent a tan with sunscreen.

Of course I inevitably forget every spring and then BAM! "Okayyyy.. next spring definitely." ;)

Treskie said...

Sometimes being unladylike is completely fine. As long as no one gets scandalized, I don't see why we shouldn't do some things that aren't classified as feminine.

Sometimes being feminine can be really boring.

I like boxing.

And baseball.

But I'm still a bit of a girly girl. I think having a nice even mix is good. :D

Miss Elizabeth said...

Agreed. So long as it's not inappropriate, there's nothing wrong with partaking in boyish fun once in a while. I would say I'm probably a mix as well. My interests are pretty girly, but I definitely like some boyish things too. Baseball is so much fun! That's one of the sports that I actually enjoy playing. I also really like watching war movies with my dad and my brother... I guess that can count as a boyish thing too.

I think that being feminine can be as boring as you make it. If one believes that femininity means sitting around all day drinking tea and keeping your skirts clean, well heck yeah no thanks. Femininity is not a set of rules, but a way of life, and I think it plays out differently depending on the girl.

Thanks for commenting!

Vicki said...

It looks like a lovely breakfast! I am regretfully far too attached to my beauty sleep to get up early on Mother's Day to make a we just had store-bought croissants for breakfast before church. :P But then we were able to celebrate with a lovely lunch after church, so I think that made up for that.
Your cupcakes sound delicious!
I don't like very many sports, but the few that I DO like (such as volleyball), I tend to get very into and very competitive, haha. Very unladylike. But that's ok every now and again. I just tend to be so embarrassingly bad at sports, so I don't play too often!
Haha, I always try to be so careful about sunburns, but I always manage to get at least one in the spring and summer, always on my nose. :P here's to succesfully avoiding sunburns for the rest of the spring/summer!

Decked Out in Ruffles

Miss Elizabeth said...

Same here! I don't think I was born with a knack for sports at all, but I do enjoy some, even if I'm terrible at them. :)

Grace said...

If that is Royal Albert china... I used the same dishes for my mum!

ChatterBlossom said...

Haha! Sometimes rambling is necessary. ;-)
Happy belated mother's day to you too!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog so much that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please Visit my site to pick up the award.

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