Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Homestead Diaries | With Needle and Thread

Goodness, another whole week has blown by already!  How time is flying this time of year.  Today was a busy one at the farmhouse.  It started early in the morning when I baked some cornbread for tomorrow's corn presentation.  They do a corn event every year and tell people about how important corn was back then and all the things you can make from it. 

While that was in the oven, I got to work doing some sewing on the hand crank machine.  We got out a few machines so we could all work on some nine patches.

I worked on a Pfaff model from the late 1800s.  It was really a unique experience sewing on such a famous name brand, only it looked quite different, and prettier, than Pfaffs today.  These machines were touted as being the "latest, quietest machines", making very little noise other than a calming, metalic rhythm spurned with each turn of the wheel.  Of course, the invention of the hand crank provided a much more portable machine than the old treadle powered models.  One advertisement even suggested bringing your machine to the seaside for a relaxing afternoon of sewing on the shore!

Interestingly, these old machines cannot stitch backwards, so if you want to reinforce the beginning or end of your seam, you have to lift the needle out, bring the fabric back a bit, and sew over it again at the end.  Usually I don't though, because most of the seams are sewn over again in other places which overlaps the ends.

Each machine does its own stitch.  We had two straight stitch machines and one chain stitch machine out.  One bonus about the chain stitch machine is that taking out seams is super quick!  Just pull the thread and it all comes out like a row of crochet stitches.

There is the nine patch I made today.  I think I will make it into a pillow, since I am not at all a quilter, nor do I have the patience to make a million more and sew them all together.  I do like the way it turned out though.

Right there is the quilt that the quilter's club works on a little each month.  We keep it in the sitting room with a cloth over it for protection.  The pattern is very pretty!

And there's the cornbread that was baking while I was sewing.  It was pretty tasty, and it cooked well in the skillet.  I am getting more used to cooking in cast iron and I like it.

It was cloudy in the morning, but after our noon meal it brightened up into a muggy, damp afternoon.  The air smelled like wet grass, soft mud and fragrant flowers growing around the farm...

Hope you are having a lovely day!


Jessica Cangiano said...

Such absolutely lovely, serene images (two words which I always think of when reflecting on your wonderful blog, I should add).

I completely agree that these second-half-of-spring days seem to be whizzing past at the spend of a sewing machine's needle bobbing up and down. Hopefully they slow town at least a touch, or else we'll blink and winter's snow will be upon us again.

Wishing you a beautiful week, dear gal,
♥ Jessica

Kiri Liz said...

I've really been enjoying your Homestead Diaries posts, Elizabeth. The one you posted about the gingersnaps made me quite mad with hunger. I love gingersnaps!! And now to get my sister to make me some as I'm rather a disaster in the kitchen... ;)

The Elevensies Tag is coming around again, and I'd like you to participate!

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