Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Birthday

Yes, I know, I went super creative on the title today.  But yesterday was a birthday, my brother's 15th, the day after my parents' anniversary.  He was like their little anniversary present the year he was born. :)

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Cox Arboretum and enjoyed the gardens.



In the middle of the park was this amazing "Tree Tower" which had not been there last time we visited.  It was really, really high up there, which of course meant my mom would have no part of it. (She's deathly afraid of heights)  Therese went halfway up and turned around, but Stephen went all the way to the top.

After I took his picture from the bottom I ran up there too.  The view was amazing.

The Ohio countryside.  Rather flat, I know.  I like Pennsylvania better, but Ohio has it's pretty parts.
Actually right after I snapped this picture Stephen came up behind me and gave me a little nudge.  Thought I was a goner for a second. :)

After the tree tower we visited the turtles.  They were so cute!

Don't ask me what he's doing here.  Just don't ask.

This turtle was eying me incredulously.

When we came home, I finished making Stephen's cake, which was a Chocolate Cherry Cake.  Yes, I found the recipe on Pinterest.  It was super easy, and it tasted like the Black Forest Cherry cake which I made him a couple years ago, but was a lot simpler.  He likes that cherry/chocolate combination.

Oh and guess what he got for his birthday?  Strider's Elven Knife.  Now that he's just as obsessed with LOTR as I am, my parents thought this would be very fitting.

No, I'm not jealous.  It's just an elvish knife.  No big deal.

Okay nevermind yeah I'm really jealous.


Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures. And the pictures of the view are great! :) That cake looked so good- I've made one before kind of like it, but I used strawberries. Hope you have a lovely day :)

Abilaine said...

OH my, happy B-Day to your brother!

Those gardens were lovely and the "Tree Tower" was amazing ... I want to go travelling some more now. I and my family went through Colorado and Wyoming a few years ago, and it was gorgeous.

Those turtles. I LOVE turtles a little too much I think. :D

Your cake-making skills are stunning.

LOL! Yeah, it is only a elvish knife .... gahhh! I LOVE LOTR, and that knife, and the elves, and the gowns the elf ladies wear, and how the elves walk (it is seriously like they are walking on a cloud)!!

All right, I'll stop. Incredible post, Miss Elizabeth.


Dessi said...

Lovely post as usual....can I ask where did you get the knife? I have a boy whose birthday is coming along soon

Natasha Marie said...

Love this post:)
That tree tower looks seriously awesome!!
And that, it looks so yummy=
And the elvish knife...yeah, no big deal;)

Mary Kate said...

Wow, I can't believe Stephen is already 15. I think the last time I saw him he was, what, 8 or 9? Maybe younger. I'm glad your family had such a great day! And I know that my brother, John Paul, would be very jealous of the Elvish knife :)

Aspirer said...

Seriously, I didn't know you could buy an Elven knife like that. :D Happy birthday to your brother!

Miss Elizabeth said...

Oh I'm glad you all enjoyed the post! <3

@Dessi - we bought his knife brand new from a seller on ebay. I think it's official name is the "Lord of the Rings Elven Knife of Strider". :)

@Mary Kate - I know, I can't believe he's already 15, and taller than me. Yeah I think he was around 8 when we last saw you. Your siblings have grown so much too, I was shocked when I saw some of your lovely pictures of them!

Cranberry Morning said...

If you're really lucky, maybe you'll get a scimitar on your birthday. lol Love the shots. They're gorgeous. What a nice day - and like the turtle too. :-)

Mallory said...

So funny how that turtle posed for you! My birthday was Sunday, and I had a peanut butter cake with chocolate butter cream icing. Mm-mm! Cool knife:)

Clare Asper said...

Wow, what a beautiful place!! The Tree Tower is super awesome.

Happy birthday to your brother! My oldest brother was born just a couple days before my parents' first anniversary... best present ever, I'm guessing!!

Vicki said...

Happy (late) birthday to your brother!
That tower is amazing...and so is that cake...and the knife.
Also, I love your new blog look!

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