Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Homestead Diaries | Painted Roses

It was beautiful this Saturday.  I spent the morning in the farmhouse helping with the 4-H group that was there, hovering over whirring sewing machines, guiding little hands as they tried their best to keep their seams straight, helping girls pin their blocks together, and trying to keep up with empty bobbins and tangled threads.  Unfortunately I was not able to get pictures since I was so busy, but the afternoon was much quieter, so after cleaning up the fabric scraps, locking away the machines, and sweeping the threads off the sitting room floor, I decided to take a pitcher outside and clip some roses.

After I arranged them, I decided to try painting them in watercolors, so I set up my supplies at the kitchen table and went to.

Sorry this post had to be short and sweet, but I have to leave for babysitting tonight, and my brother and dad just got home from a week long campout, so I want a chance to visit with them before I leave. :)

God bless,


Abilaine said...

This whole series of posts have been great! I have not commented because I have been crazily busy!

Oh, Jenna from A Beautiful Heart is hosting a giveaway. Go and check it out -

Treskie said...

Those are beautiful!!!!!! I didn't know you could do watercolors... that's awesome. :) You're really good.

Grrrrrrrr. Now I feel I must give it a go.

Lauren said...

Those are just lovely! I just love your watercolors. Do share more on here! :)

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