Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Homestead Diaries | Grain Threshing Day

Here is the promised post about grain threshing today!  First off, I was there two hours before they actually got started, so in the beginning we were preparing last minute food and getting the tables set out.  It was a beautiful day, just like last weekend. This time I had my camera for the first part of the day, so I got some pictures, and then my mom and dad took it when I was busy and got some more pictures, so I have credited them accordingly.

Once the tables were out we watched the men start up the steam engine.  I had never seen one up close like that before; it was quite a sight, and very noisy!

The men worked for a solid two hours with that big old thing in the beating sun before they finally took lunch. It went through quite a bit of wood as the day wore on.  I liked it though.

When they finally finished the wagon load they were working on, all of the food was ready for them.

We had prepared mint and lemon iced tea and ginger beer for drinks, all served in mason jar glasses.  I just love drinking out of mason jars.  I think for my wedding reception I'm going to use mason jars for glasses. :)

(copyright: Momma :)

For dinner, we had roast pork, redskin garlic potatoes, green beans, brioche, sauerkraut, applesauce, and picked asparagus.  For dessert we made spice cake and "plumb duff" which is like plumb pudding.  Each dish was entirely made at the farmhouse, and the pork was from the hog butchered back in February at the farm.

(copyright: Momma)

It was surprisingly quiet during the entire meal; all we heard was silverware on plates and an occasional "Pass the salt" or "Where are the napkins?" or "What in thunder is plumb duff?"

(copyright: Momma)

It's so much fun when one of your friends volunteers on the same day you do!  Ali was there most of the day.  We really hit it off, and whenever we're at the farm together we like to imagine we're in one of those old west romance stories we both love reading, like Love Comes Softly. :)  We have so much in common!

Oh yes, and I finished my apron at 1:00 in the morning just so I could wear it today.  It's actually a Sense and Sensibility pattern for the 1910s, but it passed. :)

(copyright: Momma)

 That dinner was so much work, that after Ali and I had cleaned up we sat on the porch for half an hour just talking.  Then we took a walk by the creek while the men got back to work.

(copyright: Dad)

The sun was even hotter in the afternoon.

There had been thistle growing with the wheat, so when they were threshing it the tufts of fuzzy thistle were floating around everywhere, getting in your hair and tickling your nose.

It was white, snow white....
(A hundred bonus points if you know what I'm referring to :)

Unfortunately, as the afternoon wore on, the belt on the thresher kept coming off.  The men fixed it twice after much fiddling around with it, but when it came off for the third time, they decided to call it quits for the day.

Which of course means it's time for Duke and Bella to bring the remaining wagon loads back into the barn before it rains!

They are the sweetest things, so docile, willing, and strong.

And so ended a very hot but very exciting day.

Now I'm ready for a nice shower and a few chapters of North and South before I go to bed.

Yes, just thought I would let you know my plans. :)


Lizzie said...

That looks like such a fun experience! Great pictures! I'm really enjoying your "Homestead Diaries" posts. Also, I got your hundred bonus points reference. ;)

Raechel said...

What fun! And so totally got the reference! I wondered if you were going to use it as you said it was white! Haha :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos on this post, especially you showing us your Edwardian apron. It is a favorite of mine. When you wear an apron for most of the day (like we do) it is important it give good coverage and be comfortable. I find the Edwardian apron and also a pinafore apron sometimes called the "Jewel" apron or ladies prairie apron the most practical of aprons for housework.

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