Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Richard Armitage!!!

I am so privileged to have my birthday almost within a week of this amazing actor, so today I would like to wish Richard Armitage a most splendid birthday by doing a post in his honor.

    I like Richard's personality.  He is a quiet man.  He isn't proud or arrogant about his great success in acting, nor is he boastful of all the attention he gets from us fans.  He is extremely appreciative of all our support and responds to our letters and presents as often as he can.

    But mostly, I love his acting ability.  From all the movies and series I have watched him in, he never fails to impress me with his amazing talent of fitting right into the character he is portraying.  Allow me to show you my top three favorite roles he has played.

Number 1 - Mr. Thornton 

This is probably the first role most of us have seen him play, I know it was mine.  I have to admit, before watching North and South I had no idea who Richard Armitage was, and I even thought *wince* he was not that attractive on the North and South dvd cover art.   

Hah, that changed quickly.

*queue the North and South theme*

 I was literally in tears for Richard at the first proposal!

Here is one of my favorite parts from the movie...

 I love when he says "So you're going."  It's like WELL DUH SHE'S GOING.  SO STOP HER AND MARRY HER BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

 But I love the train scene, so I'm glad he didn't. :)

Okay, on to my number 2 favorite role of Richard Armitage...

Number Two - Thorin Oakenshield

I just, I just...... I can't explain.  It's a tough choice between Mr. Thornton and Thorin (am I the only one who noticed the similarity between these two names? :) as to which was number 1.  But I would say Thorin is the close second. 

Gotta admit it was weird seeing him as a dwarf, since in real life he's 6' 2". 

This scene was just.... so much win.   Oh and so much tears at the same time. :'(

You may be cool, but you'll never be Thorin-wielding-Orcrist-and-an-oaken-shield cool. (if you're a Hobbit fan you get me :)

Ok, and can we just take a minute to appreciate the awesomeness of

So, Richard, if you are reading this (which you probably aren't), just let me say you were amazing in this movie.  I can't wait for the Desolation of Smaug in December so I can see more of your epic majesticness.

Speaking of majesticness, I am absolutely thrilled with the majestic hashtags of Thorin trending right now.

Alright, so last but not least.....

Number 3 - Sir Guy of Gisborne

 When I first heard about BBC's Robin Hood I didn't have much interest since I'm not into Robin Hood that much and it was like three seasons long so.... 

 Yeah, and then this happened...

Yes, well once I found out he was in it, I was hooked.

 He had a great personality in this series.

And then we have the issue of Marian. *ehem*  I was ready to throw her into a lake the way she was treating poor Guy like a big two faced traitor with no heart for his feelings. 

I mean, come on Marian.

Here's one of my favorite scenes:

He was so brave and loyal! :')

Well, I believe that's enough for today.  This post is already wayyyyy too long.  So, happy birthday Richard.  I know that you probably won't see this post, but all the same I hope you continue to make amazing movies so we can see more of you as time passes.

Your birthday month buddy,

(But really, can you imagine if Richard actually SAW this blog post?  He'd probably be like:


Victoria said...

Okay so he was awfully attractive as Guy of Gisbourne, but my dear Elizabeth, he was VERY EVIL. He may have been conflicted and had some sweet moments, and he ended very well *cries a lakeful of tears* but he was not a good character. "Dark" doesn't come close enough. :p Remember the baby in the first season?

Also, HE RESPONDS TO LETTERS SOMETIMES? O.o One time a couple years ago I almost wrote him a letter, but I was too self-conscious. I wasn't gonna fangirl over him or anything, but...

Raechel said...

Loved this!!!

Cranberry Morning said...

Hey, your birthday's within just a couple weeks of mine and I didn't even get a mention! LOL Okay, I was sold on R.A. from N&S. LOVED it and he was so much better than Mr. Darcy from P&P. But come on, this is a bit R.A. overload, isn't it?? haha. He was a bad guy in one of the George Gently episodes. I agree that he's quite handsome - like way better than average. :-)

Anonymous said...

I also am a Richard Armitage fangirl...
But to be fair, he was supposed to be a sort of villain in Robin Hood.
I teared up when Meg (or was her name Maggie) died in Season 3. That was so... heart-wrenching!

~Robyn Hoode

Amy said...

I really enjoyed this post. Richard Armitage is one of those actors that you just have to see in action before you really 'get it.' He's pretty cool.

And I love new profile picture. :)

Elizabeth Anne said...

To all of you who are reminding me that Guy was a villain... I know. I will not deny that he was very, VERY evil in that series. But you have to remember it's not Richard Armitage that is evil, it was the character he was portraying, and he did a good job of it. Nonetheless, Guy of Gisborne was, and there's no way around it, rotten. But I still loved the parts when his good shined through. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like when Guy's good shined through. I felt differently about him by the end of season 3.

And... not to be a fangirl or anything *shifty eyes*... he is attractive. Especially in the black leather.

~Robyn Hoode

Christina M. said...

I. Love. Your. Blog!!! Oh gracious, it fits right into all of my RA girlish love. <3 There's only a few friends who think like I do, and you describe everything just like me! Thank you so much for writing this blog! It's the best...
God bless!
P.S. Home-schoolers unite! :)

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