Saturday, September 14, 2013

What I Love About Fall

It's nearly fall and the weather has taken a dip these past few days.  Okay, maybe not the past few, more like just yesterday morning.  I woke up early to a chilly breeze floating through my window.  I drank my tea and was out the door and headed to my nanny job as the sun was just rising above the thinning leaves on the trees, its rays sparkling on the dew drops in the pastures that rolled by my window as I flew down the country road.

What do I love about fall?  It is probably my favorite season of the year.

I love how the edge is off the weather and you can get out your cozy jacket and warm embroidered stockings.  Sometimes I even wear a cotton petticoat under my skirts to keep warm (shhh, don't tell anyone :).  

I love the feel of crunchy leaves that start skipping across your path with each breath of wind.

I love curling up in the studio with some elderberry tea and my embroidery hoop, listening to The Hobbit soundtrack.

I love the smell of big bonfires on crisp evenings.

I love taking nature walks and painting what I find.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
~ Jane Austen

What do you dearly love about fall?


Abilaine said...

AH, yes! Fall is my favourite season ... and I ADORE scarves so much! And I am so wearing one as much as I can this fall. =D

The Hobbit soundtrack is amazing ... and the Narnia movies have incredible soundtracks. :)


Anonymous said...

I just adore fall- everything about it! I've even been able to wear my cooler weather clothes twice now- yesterday and today, which makes me super happy! And today the weather has that fall feel in it. I'm working on a post too about all the things that I love about fall. It should be up next Fri. or Sat. :) Anyways, hope you have a beautiful day, Elizabeth!!!

Grace said...

Wow, what lovely pictures! Looks like a fantastic time. Love that Jane Austen quote (and I do the petticoat thing, too... *sheepish grin*). God bless you!

Vicki said...

Fall is my very favorite time of year. Just love the whole feel of it,,,warm drinks,snuggling up with a good book, cozy sweaters, and the colors!(: that quote is perfection!

decked out in ruffles

Clare Asper said...

I love these photos of autumn coming your way! This is such an AMAZING time of year. God bless! ♥

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such tranquil, gorgeous images, sweet dear. There's very, very little about fall that doesn't set my heart aflutter. From the darker mornings (an odd thing to love perhaps, but I've always been a fan of dark mornings, and conversely, bright evenings of the sort only summer can deliver) to the jewel toned foliage. Apple cinnamon flavoured or scented anything to sitting around the table with loved ones for Thanksgiving, this is a season that brings me boundless comfort, joy and merriment.

♥ Jessica

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