Sunday, October 20, 2013

In the Hope Chest | Bridal Hankie

  This past weekend I took my mom to a couple of estate sales and antique shops.  It has been a favorite pastime of ours, cut back a bit recently by difficult family circumstances, but needless to say, we had a wonderful time.  I was even able to pick up a few more things for my hope chest, one of which was a lovely sheer hankie with some breathtaking lace around the edges.  Mom thought I could keep it for my wedding hankie, and I thought that was a lovely idea, so into the chest it went.

I have collected a fair amount of linens already... whenever I'm at antique stores and estate sales I dive into the piles and piles of all that linen, cotton, tatting, and lace... *sigh*

It is extremely sheer and lightweight, and the lace is in such good condition.

I just hope I don't shed TOO many tears into it on my wedding day! :)

Do you have a hope chest?  If so, what do you like to put in it?

Have a lovely Sunday!


Grace said...

Yay! Hope-chesting is so *fun*! I don't have one, but I have a drawer. Mostly teaware. :) God bless you!

Sarah said...


What a lovely find. I love estate sales too, but have also limited the number I visit, they can be far too tempting!

I began a hope chest in my early teens. I spent countless hours embroidering and crocheting items to fill my future home.

May you have a blessed day!


Elizabeth Anne said...

I love hearing from young ladies who have/had a hope chest, since many don't. Mine is not as full as I would like, since I didn't hear of the whole idea until I was about 15 or 16, but I have added many estate sale finds over the past three years, as well as crocheted, embroidered, and sewn items. I also count all of the homemaking skills I have slowly learned over the years as a valuable part of my chest as well, though it's not something physically put in.

Natasha Marie said...

I don't have an actual hope chest (well, I do have an old, rather beat-up trunk which holds some of the larger items;), but most of my hope chest items go into three medium sized drawers in my closet. I keep a little bit of everything in them. Some special things from when I was little (favorite books, some clothes, etc.), crocheted stuff I've made, kitchen stuff, vintage linens. I have several sets of china (not fine china, just every day table settings). Recently, I've been focusing on collecting mismatched plates and other things for my kitchen. I loved mismatched stuff, and I love collecting things for my hope chest:)
It was fun hearing about yours! That hankie is beautiful!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hello, Elizabeth! I love your blog! Looking forward to future posts!


Raechel said...

Beautiful!! I have a hope-trunk. It's a big, beautiful steamer-trunk. I got it for my 16th birthday. So far I have it filled (mostly) with some baby-clothes, really pretty linen towns I got as a gift, recipe cards, a couple pictures, and books. :)

Hana - Marmota said...

I'm one of those who do not have a hope chest as such, but are slowly collecting items. We learned of the thing, i.e. specifically "hope chest" as opposed to that nameless collecting, only recently; one of my sisters may already have been married, or engaged, at that point. But the other two of us grabbed the idea gladly, because yes, we were already collecting some things, and we liked the name. :-)
So now my other sister specifically refers to her box of items as a hope chest (using the English words in Czech), and whenever she acquires something new for a household, she says she'll put it in her hope chest, even though I suspect by now the things do not fit into that original box anymore. I don't have a box, so I don't say it, but I'm happily collecting all the same. :-)
My favourite item in my imaginary hope chest is probably a laddle I got from a lady we helped out in the household. It's such a pretty and practical laddle, I could not find a better one if I searched for ten years.

That handkerchief - what a beautiful fine fabric, the idea to use it on wedding day fits perfectly! (You remind me that I should keep on a lookout for more linen, especially handkerchiefs! Or handkerchief-worthy fabric.)
And wow, do I see an actual wooden chest? Where did that come from? Please, share more!

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