Monday, November 4, 2013

The Homestead Diaries | Through the Eyes of a Child

The past few Saturdays I have been bringing along my younger sister, Therese, to the farm to relive history with me.  She loves wearing the clothing, doing the work, and enjoying the historical pastimes.

Last weekend she and one of the other girls cleaned up the kitchen and then ground all the coffee we had roasted that morning.  

After every bean was ground to a powder they took to playing some parlor games.
We have a lot of children visitors come through the farm, and they always ask what young people did in the old days before there was TV, computers, and video games.  (Can you imagine life without those?  Oh yes, it really would be absolutely *horrifying*) 

This past weekend Therese and I took her friend along with us for her first day at the farm.

It was chilly out that day, but they kept warm with all of their running around. 
After they stocked the wood boxes in the kitchen and parlor, they sat inside with their yarn and warmed up by the stove.

Visitors like seeing young people around the farm representing life in the late 19th century.  We don't have a lot of youngsters around, and the children like to see people their own age.  It helps them relate to what their life might look like back in the day.


It is so much fun bringing them... I really need to do it more often. :)

Have a lovely day!


Jessica Cangiano said...

That is so very heartwarming and beautiful. I love that your little sister shares your passion for the past well. Mine has nothing against it, of course, but is far more rooted in the modern world, so it's not an interest we get to share in often (though, she did like wearing "poodle skirts" with me when we were both small). This post put a big smile on my face and in my heart, honey, thank you.

♥ Jessica

Amy said...

Aw, that is awesome! Those pictures are lovely. Are the costumes provided or do you make them? They are so cute.

Elizabeth Anne said...

You can bring your own clothing, or find something that fits you from the park's collection. There is a whole attic full of period clothing. *sigh*

Treskie said...

Aw, that's fun! It sounds like a nice sort of job. *sigh*

Vicki said...

Your sister is adorable! She looks like she just stepped out of the nineteenth century. And I love the photos!

decked out in ruffles

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