Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What I have been up to...

I am not going to start another post apologizing for the amount of time that has elapsed since my last post, but I will say this.  I have been very busy and productive this Advent preparing for Christmas.  Taking a break from the computer was really good for me, though hard at times. (No Pinterest *sob*)

BUT.  As I said, I was very productive.  One big project I finally completed was my very first 1873 polonaise gown.  About 3 days straight at the sewing machine, but well worth it.

I wore it for a Christmas evening event at the farm. It was so fun to swish around in... who doesn't like dressing up in period costume?

I also cut my hair.  Pretty much most of it.  It feels really short even though it isn't exactly THAT short..

I finally grew it out long enough to wrap around my head!


My hair kinda looks a little red in this picture...

It was very long and I was tired of it.  
So, I got almost a foot taken off, and then some layers.


I just have to say I'm so glad to be done with all that brushing, at least for a while. 

Also this week I finally bought a laptop.  Not sure if that's a good thing because it means now I will probably be on the computer A LOT.  But it is really nice to have all my stuff on my own computer instead of sharing with mom and dad.

That means that I can scratch off TWO things from my bucket list this month!  Wow.

And finally, today is Christmas Eve of course, so I did quite a bit of baking.  I also handmade most of the presents for my family, so I will have pictures of those soon.

Well I better get back to my preparations.  I've got to sing for midnight and morning Mass, and I still have so much to do!!

Farewell my little peeps!  Talk to you soon....

Yours truly,


Grace said...

Love the hair-cut! And that dress... wow. :) God bless you & Happy Christmas!

Raechel said...

Beautiful dress! And hair, too for that matter! I just recently had mine cut too. Though not on purpose. Mum was just trimming it, and to get it even and healthy, took off quite a bit. It was to the middle of my back, but now it a bit below my shoulders - just a wee bit shorter than yours now.
Congrats on the laptop!! I was actually just looking at them yesterday, because I also would love one of my own. But found them way out of my price range. Oh well! Someday :D
Merry Christmas!!

RaeAnne said...

Elizabeth, dear!!! That dress is absolutely stunning--and so are you! I wish I could have the smarts and patience to be able to sew something like that, because I would give almost anything to wear it!
Your haircut is wonderful, too; very cute!

I know your Christmas will be very God-blessed and wonderful!
Merry Christmas! :)

Elizabeth Novak said...

Love, love, love the costume!! So cute! Love your picture in the mirror too, so vintagey. :)

Isn't the shorter hair so nice for a change? I got mine cut with layers a couple of years ago and haven't gone back, it's just so easy to take care of and it always looks nice.

Hope you had a great Christmas!
God bless,

Amy said...

Holy Cow! That dress is amazing! :) And you look so cute in it. How awesome to be able to wear close like that. *Sigh* It's lovely. :)

And you hair cut is super cute. It suites your face really well.


Hannah said...

Hello Miss Elizabeth,
I had such a nice time checking out your blog again! I hadn't looked at it in a long time, and it was fun seeing what you had been up to! Oh… and your dress is very beautiful! You have quite a talent. :)

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