Thursday, January 23, 2014

March for Life

    The weather in Washington DC yesterday afternoon was below zero wind chills but clear skies.  We drove through quite a bit of snow to get to the capitol but we made it.  Being my first year at the March, it was pretty much what I expected.  The unbelievable number of people, especially young people my age, the freezing temperatures, the rousing speakers...  This year's theme was adoption, and I thought it ironic that of all the years for me to decide to go, this was the one.

   I felt overjoyed to be a part of the March this year, because like many, though not enough, my life was saved by adoption.  So many people advocate adoption, but I feel like you can't really truly appreciate the amazing gift it is unless it's your own life that has been given the chance to blossom.  I thank God every day that I was one of the lucky ones.

   We will never forget the more than 50,000,000 children that have been deprived of life in the past 41 years.  With prayer we can win this fight.

    My brother's academy and the TFP were there, as always.  I got a video of the band but it won't let me upload it for some reason!  Argh.

   If you ever got lost in the crowd, all you had to do is look for the big red TFP standards fluttering about.  Not hard to spot! ;)

    Well now I am appreciating indoor heating more than I ever have.  But like the pilgrimage, I am ready to do it again next year.  What do they say?  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. :)

Keep warm!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

One Very Trapped Miss Bennet

    The Christmas season is flying by so quickly!  Soon my brother leaves for school again.  And I'll be back to work. *bleh*   Is Christmas skipping by too quickly for anyone else but me?

   Last night I had a dandy time swing dancing and watching Dr. Who until the wee hours of the morning.  I had come down to my friends' house that afternoon planning on swinging, eating at Chipotle, and going to see Frozen.  But soon after I got there, the roads got worse and it was obvious we weren't going anywhere.  So instead of seeing Frozen we stayed indoors and I spent the night dancing and playing board games and watching Dr. Who.  I felt like Jane Bennet, trapped for the night.  Only thankfully it was not sickness that kept me, but snow.  Ah, what a dandy time we had!
   In the morning we made pancakes for all the kids.  And we even had time to fit a few games of pool in there!  Such fun!

   What have you ladies been up to this Christmas?

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