Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{In the Shop} The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

     How do I begin this post?
     Since I saw Frozen for the first time in the theater in December, it has become one of my favorite musicals ever made.  I sing along to the soundtrack every morning on the way to work.  I watch it lots, thanks to the fact that it is now finally on dvd.  The story is so cute and exciting, and each of the characters are equally perfect, but I do have a favorite character.
     Who could not like Elsa?  *ehemhervoiceehem*  I was fascinated by her.  Her songs, her personality, and yes, her wardrobe.  That's why I decided to take on recreating her "Snow Queen Dress" as I like to call it.  (after all the movie was based roughly on the tale by the same name by Hans Christian Anderson)

Granted, it's not going to look as good on a chubby American Girl as it did on Elsa's slender figure, but I tried to capture the same idea.  That sparkly blue gauze jumped out at me on the rack and I instantly knew it would work it's magic wonderfully for this project.

If you look closely the back closure and the cape piece are still only pinned on, since we had what could be our last sprinkling of snow this morning and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to shoot the dress among it's natural habitat. :)

You can't really tell from the pictures how sparkly the outfit is.  Photographing sparkles is so difficult and the lighting has to be just so.

The braid was fun to do.  All you really do is brush the hair to one side and french braid it.

I loved the lighting in the early morning hours when I shot this.  It was just enough to cast that gentle glow on the fabric making it more breathtakingly magical.  Now if only there had been enough snow to build a little Olaf for her.... 

Look for this dress in the shop soon!

Hope you are having a lovely beginning of spring!


Kiri Liz said...

It's beautiful, Elizabeth!! I love the cape!! :D My little sister is enamoured with Frozen, and I made an Elsa "Snow Queen" dress for her for Christmas, but alas! I had no gauze or sparkles, just lace. But she still loves it!

Lauren said...

Gorgeous! : )

Mallory said...

Lovely dress! I need to start sewing again:)

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